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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving To All Of My Family, Friends & My Wonderful Readers & Lurkers!!

It is now Thanksgiving Day here in Japan. I started making desserts yesterday and decided upon a few more goodies for Daniel & I today, so I’ve been busy since we woke up this morning. Of course we are having a nice turkey with stuffing & green bean casserole and potatoes & homemade yeast dinner rolls. For the desserts, chocolate cream pie, cheese cake, brownies & cinnamon sticks! Yum.

There is much to be thankful for this year but sadly they are kind of marred by some maybe unhappy news this coming week. When I know for certain I am sure I will talk about it eventually.

I hope all of you have a wonderful, happy day filled with lots of love and fellowship!


Let It Begin!

You’ve got to love the internet here in Japan, it is spotty but I have less issues with it then I do with my cable, but I expect both but it is an inconvenience. I’ve been wanting to post about the Salmon Festival from over the weekend, but YouTube is being a bitch and taking forever. So until then, it will have to wait!

It is November 1st, it is now officially “my” start of the Christmas season. Please don’t gasp so loud! There is no happier time than during the holidays, whether family is around or not! Being away from everyone for so long, the holidays are easier but of course I still long to celebrate with them.

Still trying to figure out what we want to do for Thanksgiving, not like we have to many choices and for years it’s just been the two of us and our pups. Last year, much of the day was spent at work, Daniel’s shop that is. I am really hoping that is not the case this year, as long as everyone behaves and acts like an adult.

This week I’ll be going through our movie collection and pulling out all the Christmas ones and making a log of the title and then a total of how many. Crazy much? Honestly I love watching Christmas movies. Although we always wait till Thanksgiving or the day after. That is also when we decorate for Christmas.

I have no idea when the real Christmas tree’s get shipped in, so whenever that happens, we will then decorate the house as well. I am so looking forward to snow!!!!!!! I can hear all New Englanders yelling at me right now! HUSH!!!! I’ve been without snow for years and if you have been following my blog for the last 4 years, you know how much you’ve heard about my lack of snow too!

I am excited. It makes me feel all happy & giggly inside, like a little girl! Seriously. There is only one thing I do hate about the snow….that I have to take my dogs out in it to potty. They are not snow creatures. My beauties are from the south. They know heat & AC. The one or two times we’ve visited family in snow weather it has been nothing short of a circus getting them to potty in it. I have no yard, so they better figure it out quick,lol.

It is supposed to be around 32 Friday morning but I think it is still a tad to early to think it might snow, who knows though…it could happen. We even have our love-seat positioned such that when it snows, we can see right out our balcony and watch it snow. Yup, we are those snow people!

Sorry, I guess I could very well talk about snow or Christmas for hours. I am really looking forward to both! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? 53 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!


Black Friday Masses

Black Friday is a shopping day both hubby and I look forward to year after year. Last year we missed out since he was deployed so we were looking forward to it all the more this year.

We started the Black Friday shopping when we got married, before then I never really gave it a thought and my family never took part in it. So it is now one of our traditions as we get ready for the Christmas season.

It seems that the sales start earlier and earlier now, Toys R Us opened at 10:00pm Thanksgiving evening in some places, others at 12:00am with a host of other stores doing the same. I don’t get into that and I might, had there been something I just could not live without.

Out morning started like 3-4 hours after we went to bed, it was 3:00am. The store we had in mind to get to was not the usual Wal*Mart, this time the deals for us were at Best Buy. Best Buy runs things differently and they hand out tickets for big items or popular, rather what they deem will be popular. There plan works.

We had our eyes on several items as Christmas gifts, I will not mention what any of them were, they were gifts to each-other. You will have to find out on Christmas just what we were looking for. We hoped 3:30am would be early enough, although several nights before hubby saw people in tents outside Best Buy, so I was a little worried. Come on people…tents…days before the sale. A little overkill for me but whatever it was, they must have really wanted it.

Our very first stop though was Starbucks!! The best way to start the Black Friday shopping day. Then we headed to Best Buy and the line was already very long. But we had Starbucks and a very chatty guy in line with us.

Here I am holding out Starbucks while hubby walked around checking the line out and trying to decide what we needed a ticket for and what items would not require a ticket. There were tons of people who came after us, so I am glad we got there when we did.

We were way in the back of the line, not all the way back though. At 4:15am the friendly Best Buy Guy walked around with a loud speaker thingy letting everyone know what was going on. Come to find out one item we thought we needed a ticket for, didn’t and another item we thought did not need one, needed it. With the item that needed the ticket, we were 5/15. So happily 14 other people got the item along with us.

This was civilized. There was no screaming, pushing, name-calling going on here. There were tickets. They start at the front asking what you want and handed out tickets to items till there were no more. No more tickets, no more stock of said item. People calmly walked away if they could not get the item they wanted. They went on to another store I assume. No more wasted time. It was great.

We went to just about every store you can think of. We bought Christmas gifts as well as some stuff for our home that we needed but for half the money. It was a great day of shopping. We stopped off at the Olive Garden for lunch when we finished shopping. The food was great. After lunch it was time to head home for a nice several hour nap before round 2 of our Black Friday which is: Finding the perfect Christmas Tree.

Do you ever go shopping on Black Friday or is it not your thing?


Thanks To You…

Do you ever have days, especially holidays that never go as you plan them or build them up to be in your head? You may be wondering how my (our) Thanksgiving was. I do wonder how yours was.

Mine was supposed to be a nice early morning, jump starting the day would be the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while we prepped food and enjoyed each other’s company in our home.

This is actually how it went: I was up at 5:30am starting the slow-cooked stuffing so it could go all day and be ready for dinner at 3pm. 8:00am rolls around, we start the day and hubby just happened to be duty section leader and he called work to make sure everyone mustered like they were suppose to, something all of them have done countless times.

Hubby assured me Wednesday evening that all he would have to do is call work and make sure everyone had done one SIMPLE thing, called in and mustered for duty. Let me say this again, all THEY had to do was CALL and muster. That should have been the end of it. Sadly some people just don’t give a shit and don’t think about the consequences of their actions, this day their action was being lazy.

This now meant dear hubby would have to go into work and call each jackhole that decided they would not CALL and tell them they now had to come in and physically muster. What ticked me the hell off was that their actions had now went beyond just effecting them but now infringed on MY Thanksgiving with my husband. Hubby took me to work with him so that we would still kind of be together. This did not end up being the case and I fell asleep in his shop. Not what WE had planned.

It took 3 hours and tons of excuses. Our whole day was thrown off, the turkey went in way late, my stuffing thankfully still came out good. I missed the parade. I know, all those things are little things in the end but that’s really not my point. My point is, what you do or don’t do, not only effects you but those around you.


Putting It Together

It’s finally time to put the Thanksgiving meal all together and have everything ready to just put in the oven or crock-pot tomorrow! I try to be all put together every year. I tell myself I can DO IT ALL on Wednesday. When the 24th arrives I tend to all of a sudden feel a little overwhelmed. That’swhen I bring out the Christmas music! Anything can be done with ease when you add Christmas music. I all of a sudden get a rush and instead of whistle while I work, I sing and very loudly I might add and I don’t care if my neighbors hear or are annoyed,lol! So what is on your Thanksgiving menu this year? Do you eat the traditional things such as turkey & stuffing and cranberry sauce? We always have turkey on Thanksgiving, Christmas is usually when we have ham. This year we have a too huge turkey for just two of us but it was either get one way to small or one too big, we went with extra as that can be used in other meals. I am jumping far out of my comfort zone and making Crockpot Stuffing, slow cooked for 9 hours! It sounds yummy and is pretty easy to make. We don’t do cranberry sauce of any kind. I’ve never cared for it and neither does hubby. We are also having Pumpkin Apple Spiced soup. If you have never had Pumpkin soup of any kind, give it a try. I had it on our cruise, I loved it. We are also having sweet potaoes & green bean casserole and I think mashed potatoes…For the desserts we are having cheese cake, cinnamon sticks and tarts. Too much food for two people but that’s okay. I wanted to make some pies but it would be overkill and I do not want to waste. I just love to bake! Monday starts my Christmas cookie/treat baking season & hubby can take it all to work day after day and I can get my fix,haha! Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? I do, I have ever since I was a child while I helped mom with food preparations. What are your plans for tomorrow?



Today I have so much to be thankful for!!! Even though I had no family around me today I still had a nice day as a friend of mine invited me over to have Thanksgiving with her family.

I am so thankful for my husband! I love him so much, I just wish he were home with me today, but he WILL be home next week!!!!

I am thankful for all of my family, who are all far away from me. I miss you all and hope to see you all sometime!

I am thankful for my friends. 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I had a nice time with my friend, we talked, laughed, looked at Black Friday Ads and scoped things out! We all played the Wii and of course the food was so good! I enjoyed the company and friendship, although I do wish Daniel had been here as well.

I don’t think I will be sleeping tonight as I have to head out early to get a present or two. Black Friday is a Daniel & Me thing, so doing it alone will be weird and lonely but I am only trying to really get one thing, maybe two.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Any one else heading out in the wee hours of the early morning for some shopping?

I can’t wait to see you Daniel!!!!!