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2012 Navy Ball, Misawa Japan

In the 11 years we’ve been married and in the military we’ve never gone to a Navy Ball. Honestly, when it comes around we always seem to think about it last minute and then of course I never have a dress and the list goes on…

We talked about finally going this year and there was a dress “shop” run by an American off base…Okay, not really a dress shop but his wife sold dresses to us that she purchased. So, I knew I’d be able to get one for the event.

In September while getting my hair done, my hair dresser told me she had a dress for me to try on, tried it on, looked wonderful and it was mine. Now I had my dress and no more worries.

I wore my shawl all night with my dress because a week before or maybe it had been 2 weeks before I got a nasty bruise on my arm and well it was still very ugly. The shawl fixed that problem.

I did not know what to expect about the Ball, there is not much information out there about it. Now that I’ve gone and experienced it, it really is not a big deal even though it is made out to be. I mean, it is a celebration of the birth of the Navy but aside from that it is a bunch of long, drawn out speeches by people who’s names I don’t even remember.

We had fun. There was dancing, a DJ. The food was delicious as I expected as I love the the steak from our on base so called steak-house. We did dance to a few songs, had a few drinks, was there for many hours, then called it a night.

Would I go again? Sure, but the next time I will not stress out about silly little things some woman seem to make a huge deal about. It was a party, it should be fun, that is all :)



Hurry Up….And Wait!

Sorry it’s been a little while since my last blog post. It has been kind of slow going here. The Tanabata Festival was this past weekend but we were not able to attend due to Daniel having duty. It was exactly the same as last year though, so we did not miss out on a thing, so it’s all good.

The heat is here, making the everyday nasty as hell. Doing anything is a joke too unless you are sitting and not moving or if you find someplace to go that has AC. Last night we did just that. We had dinner out in town due to them having AC and then we went and bought me a Japanese fan to stick my face in front of,lol.

If you are in the military, the Navy you are most likely familiar with the saying “Hurry Up & Wait”. It is something that ALWAYS happens, especially when you are the military person going somewhere or awaiting some information.

I have not talked about it much, actually I do not talk about our military life much in general but months ago Daniel took the Chief’s exam, we found out a while ago he was bored selected and that my friends was an awesome feeling! Many take the test and few get bored selected, so that happening in itself brought about much joy!

Now it is the last day of July, heading into August and we are awaiting the CPO (Chief Petty Officer’s) results. It’s like 2 weeks of “Did he make it or not”! You can not help but torture yourself, checking for any information at all ungodly hours of the night, which is fine really because of the time difference, lol. We were really hoping for news last night but nothing.

So, tonight I will keep watch for any information that may come out while Daniel somehow sleeps with no issue. Well, it’s a good thing he is sleeping well as if he does get selected the next 6 weeks of his life will be insane and lacking of sleep. The excitement is almost to much!

If anyone else out there is waiting for the results, Good Luck To You!!!


One Year In Japan

Today marks our 1st full year, living here in Japan! We arrived nice and early in the morning, during a typhoon with freezing cold rain! I remember it like it was just yesterday. It was a long and unpleasant travel to get here. The easy part was getting us here, the harder part was getting our pups here. They were a stress and a half but we all arrived safe!

The landing was the worst to date I’ve experienced and of course that was due to the typhoon. It was about 40 something degrees out, pouring and crazy wind. I remember wanting to just sleep. We dropped the pups off at the kennel and headed to the Inn. My friend Snow picked us up a little later on and showed us around. I remember we kept as busy as we could that first day.

We crashed hard when we got back to our room, I believe it was around 3pm when we just could not go anymore. We’ve done a lot in this year here, did some traveling, visited Tokyo, gone on some day trips. We do the local fairs and festivals. It’s been good & it’s been bad too. I love reflecting!

I am looking forward to this coming year here, hoping there are more good things to come. Now I want to share some memorable pictures from our year here thus far, these are just a handful of thousands I’ve taken. Enjoy :)


The Art Of Unpacking

Bright & early at 7 something AM, the movers came with our crates of “stuff”! You can see them here in this photo unsealing the crates that traveled the ocean from Florida to Japan. It took them a good 20-30 minutes to get all the nails out.

Luckily, a little earlier the FMO people came and took back the “rented” furniture we used while we waited for our own things to get here. Thankful for that service but for the love of God, they need at least for the bed to be somewhat comfortable!

The movers work fast and this makes us happy. The sooner they leave, the sooner we unpack EVERY SINGLE BOX. In one day of course! I would not expect anything less than that from my hubby. I don’t blame him wanting to get it all done ASAP. I want to live in my home, not spend weeks being miserable unpacking here & there.

I am not sure what goal or goals I had for this day aside from just wanting to make it through it. Truth be told, I HATE unpacking. It can take a lot of time and it was hot out today! I also hate making a place for everything. What if there is not a place for everything?!? That can get stressful.

I believe we unpacked and put away everything in the house in 12 hours. I also did all the laundry and apparently I have time to blog before passing out in bed. We are sore. The reward though, our home is now comfy, cozy and there is not much else to do aside from enjoying our home.

Sure, there are a few things I have to wash and put away but that will be done in the morning, after I am hopefully refreshed by sleeping. I wont hold my breath though. The house looks great, it IS finally our home!

Tomorrow I hope to have a post and pictures up of the house, so you can see what it looks like all put together. Now, I must go rest.


Packed & On It’s Way To Japan

Our “stuff” is gone, thankfully. It was one of the huge steps to moving of course! I know I have not been a good blogger lately but I am moving overseas and internet is nice to have but never guaranteed. Anyways, the packers/movers came on the 18th and packed our things in crates that will eventually find their way onto a barge of sorts and hopefully make it to Misawa, Japan long before mid July, the latest arrival date we were given to get our stuff in Japan.

It was an east day for us really. They left our table & chairs and couch till the very last things to pack, so we had somewhere to sit all day while we watched them pack. They were nice and nothing like the last group we had when we moved from Corpus to here. It all went smoothly and they were at our house from 9am till after 6pm, it was a LONG day.

Currently we are in a hotel, waiting to fly out and start our journey to Japan. More on that later, in another post. Please don’t forget about me, posting will be spotty for a while but there is/will be much for me to share with you!


Storing Household Goods

The move to Japan has officially became real as of yesterday! Up until then, it was real but not REAL. Everything was still in the house, nothing moved around, it was all talk. Monday, yesterday…the storage people came. Since we are moving overseas, we are allowed storage of our household goods while we are gone for the next 3 years. The things you put in storage are up to you. You have to remember that anything you put in storage, will stay there and not be seen by you for the duration of your time overseas. We had to keep in mind that we live in a pretty spacious apartment right now and the place in Japan might be a tad smaller. We wont have closet space like we’ve had here and don’t want to see unpacked boxes at every turn in our new home for 3 years. We ended up giving the storage place something like 26 full boxes as well as our stove and treadmill. There is no need for us to take our stove with us and we are junking our washer & drier before we leave, they provide those for you in your place overseas, at least in Japan they do. The stove, we bought that thing before we moved to Texas, about 7 years ago. It was only used a handful of time before we moved and in Texas we could only use gas stoves. In the place we live in now, they provide the large appliances like the stove, dishwasher & fridge. So we will see the stove again in a few years, and who knows if we will ever be able to use the dang thing again,lol. The house feels like stuff is gone now, like things are really happening. It’s exciting, it’s scary but I’m looking forward to it all. The movers are coming to pack out the house on the 18th, then there will be nothing here and things will take on a whole new level of real!


Stressful Times

I know I have not talked to much about moving to Japan recently. So much has gone on and I kind of did not know where to start, it’s really been a roller-coaster these last few weeks. I’ve been upset, angry, sad and then happy!

If you remember, in late March our orders were put on “Stop Movement”, which meant we would still be moving there, just not for a while & maybe not when we had first planned. This was a bit of an upset for us, but something we could deal with.

On April 8th things changed a bit and not what we had expected or wanted. The “Stop Movement” was lifted for the service members & they were to execute their orders to Japan but dependents (ME) were not allowed to move with the service member at that time.

Shit hit the fan. This was turning into a small nightmare. We had already booked flights for my father & brother to come on May 25th. They had planned on taking possession of our car and our dog Bailey. Our house was to have been packed and gone and WE were supposed to leave together.

I was trying to imagine how I’d do it all on my own…I could if I had to but I did not want to. The thoughts were daunting to me. I’d have to handle the pack-out and everything else including the 3 dogs, alone. This was not sitting well. I’ve done a lot of things alone over the last almost 10 years I’ve been married. Several deployments teach you very quickly that you can and will handle anything thrown your way.

Nothing ever goes as planned, the military will teach you that too. There must always be room for stuff to get screwed up, it’s life. However, this does not mean I will like it or have to like it. There was a reason dependents were being held back and to put it the kindest way I can, without making any kind of waves or stepping on toes would be that there was a voluntary departure…not an evacuation of bases in Japan. Many dependents jumped and left. So because of that, there was to be a determination after 30 days, if dependents would be allowed to move back to Japan.

There was to be an announcement made on or around the 15th of April by the Department Of State as to the stop movement of dependents being lifted or extended by another 30 days. Can I just say that I barley slept and was on pins and needles through these days we had to wait for an answer. Regardless of what it meant or means to anyone else, for our family it meant a lot.

12am on Friday the 15th, the stop movement for dependents was lifted. I was awake and checking everything I could. Not holding my breath but hoping this would all work out for us. It was such a release of stress seeing the official document put out. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and woke Daniel up to tell him. It was a happy day.

It has now been put out officially by the Navy and PCSing into Japan, specifically Misawa for us, is good to go. Moving forward now with household goods & pack out is what we are waiting on now, our official dates for them to come and get our stuff. We picked the dates but they need to make the final call on it.

As one stress goes away, there is always another to take it’s place but that is to be expected when moving, especially when it is such a huge move, overseas! I can’t wait, I’m excited. I am happy we are going together, as it should be.


Mashed Together

I can not believe that it is already April 3rd…Where has the time been going? It sure has been flying by. The weekend was nice, I was not feeling to well here and there but I was fine for the most part.

On Friday, it was Daniel’s last day with his command, ending a chapter in our lives and slowly opening a new one. Friday night we went to the Clay County Fair. We went around 7pm when the temperature is just perfect in Florida.

We walked all around the fair grounds and looked at everything, enjoying the cooler night air. I did not take my camera on this trip, it was just a nice time, the two of us holding hands. There were many animals to see. Most were pigs or foul of sorts.

There were many booths and my favorite place was what I will call a “candy maze”. You walk around this maze like pathway with a bucket to fill with candy and at the end, you pay for all the candy. Of course the fun part is gathering all the yummies. My favorite were the gummies.

We went to several of the shows they had going on like the dog Frisbee show which was awesome! Of course the ever popular pig races and we watched the cheesy lumberjack show from afar. We plan on heading back to the fair one more evening.

Us moving to Japan still feels like it’s all up in the air. We still have a “stop movement” on our orders. We had to give our notice to our apartment….I can’t help but wonder WTF we will do if this does not go down as planned. Yes, it does keep me up at night.

We have 1 month, 3 week & 4 days till our flight is supposed to leave Florida. Will it happen on that date? I don’t know but stayed tuned and we will find out together!! It just makes things a little stressful around here but like I’ve said, we are still moving about as if we are leaving on May 28th.

I am still working on my new blog, I am not putting out here yet until it is set up. It will have lot’s of information for military families and links but also everything related to our lives for the 3 years we will be stationed there. I’ll let you know when it is up and running. Have no fear, this is my main blog and is not going anywhere, nor will it be forgotten!

My sister Jacinta just had her 4th baby on March 31. Little Abby Lynn. I’ve gotten to see pictures of her and I might only see her by pictures over the next 3 years. I did talk to my sister on the phone and all is well.

Sorry, this post is a mish-mash of all kinds of subjects. Kind of how I feel right now, a little all over the place. Daniel starts school tomorrow, for the month. Then he starts his 30 day leave and then we are supposed to move to Japan. I really want everything to go as it is supposed to.

I am trying to find a new book to read. I can not seem to make up my mind of what I would like to read next. I have a book to review for an author but I was going to read that after whatever book I choose in the next day or so. Do you have a suggestion for me? I will pretty much read anything these days.

Sleep has not come easy nor has it been comfortable for the last few weeks for me. I guess so much is on my mind. I try to tire my brain by reading and relaxing just before bed. I seem to fall asleep but wake up like once or twice and hour, makes my days hard…

Not to much else going on around here right now. Yesterday the maintenance people decided to pressure wash our building all on the inside, they used nasty bleach too. It smelt terrible but the place looks great. They have kind of neglected upkeep for the last year or so. I am tired of being here though. I’m looking forward to moving.


Thanks To You…

Do you ever have days, especially holidays that never go as you plan them or build them up to be in your head? You may be wondering how my (our) Thanksgiving was. I do wonder how yours was.

Mine was supposed to be a nice early morning, jump starting the day would be the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while we prepped food and enjoyed each other’s company in our home.

This is actually how it went: I was up at 5:30am starting the slow-cooked stuffing so it could go all day and be ready for dinner at 3pm. 8:00am rolls around, we start the day and hubby just happened to be duty section leader and he called work to make sure everyone mustered like they were suppose to, something all of them have done countless times.

Hubby assured me Wednesday evening that all he would have to do is call work and make sure everyone had done one SIMPLE thing, called in and mustered for duty. Let me say this again, all THEY had to do was CALL and muster. That should have been the end of it. Sadly some people just don’t give a shit and don’t think about the consequences of their actions, this day their action was being lazy.

This now meant dear hubby would have to go into work and call each jackhole that decided they would not CALL and tell them they now had to come in and physically muster. What ticked me the hell off was that their actions had now went beyond just effecting them but now infringed on MY Thanksgiving with my husband. Hubby took me to work with him so that we would still kind of be together. This did not end up being the case and I fell asleep in his shop. Not what WE had planned.

It took 3 hours and tons of excuses. Our whole day was thrown off, the turkey went in way late, my stuffing thankfully still came out good. I missed the parade. I know, all those things are little things in the end but that’s really not my point. My point is, what you do or don’t do, not only effects you but those around you.


One Week Down

One week down and not sure how many more to go or if it is just days. The not knowing stinks but at least I know where he is and for that I am grateful! It’s been a bag of mixed up craziness since he left. I am all off kilter, days are nights, nights are days and they melt together.

This past week I started getting the dogs ready for Japan by getting one to the vet for a microchip. Our other two dogs already have them because we lived on base in the last state we lived in & it was required. Then rabies shots, the circus has begun for getting them ready.

In the week he has been gone I’ve watched more movies than I think I really should admit to. I only watch them late at night, the nights are the hardest for me when he is gone. So movies are sort of a comfort, not really but it makes the night time go by.

During the day I do school stuff, read, talk with family and play with the dogs and take walks. The weather has been getting comfortably cold & chilly and I am loving it! Although I think I am getting a little sick but that happens when 99% of the year it is either hot or warm, the body freaks when the temp goes suddenly from 80 to 65!

Daniel and I have not been able to talk on the phone since he left, not cool but he is still trying to get a phone, was suppose to today but he had to find time to sleep before heading back to work so I wont know till tomorrow if he actually was able to get one. But we have “talked” on FB.

I am sure you are dying to know the list of movies I have watched in 1 week, so I will share them with you. I love classic movies, they have to be one of my favorite genres! Hopefully the rest of the time hubby is gone, the time will fly. Ohhh, all the movies I am about to list can be found and streamed on Netflix in case you find yourself curious about one.