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Sometimes Things Go Stale

Well…Hello There!

It’s been a while. Why? Well, many different reasons. Like the title says “Sometimes “Things” Go Stale”! I think one of the biggest things is that I have tired of Japan. I know, how ungrateful I am….(rolling my eyes)!

Incase you are wondering I’ve not taken my time here for granted. I know people would hurt other people to be able to live in Japan…not nessicerily where I live though. Let’s not forget I live WAY up North in the farm lands…Not in the middle of Tokyo. To put it another way..one place is glamourous while the other is kind of homley…yeah.

I actually have many posts to write. I have been in a “I’m really over living in Japan” kind of funk. It has gotten old. Once you have been to a festival one time…it is the same, every other time. You have to enjoy eating too…I am not a huge fan of food on a stick or eating a lot, especially while I am out and about.

I guess I have been uninspired for a while now…even though I have seen and visited inspiring places! I come to my blog and try to decide how many of those 400 pictures I am going to post and what would everyone want to see of my trip or adventure. Then I just loose interest even though I want to share with all of you. It really is time to move on from here.

One more year, we shall be gone this time next year and I am excited. I don’t want to say my life has become stale because that is not fully the truth either…certain aspects of it have. It’s not like I can run to Walmart, Target or any of my favorite crafting stores.

Yes, I do have some Japanese stores I do like to frequent but it is never exactly what I want or am looking for, just something suitable enough…”for now”. Also, we are now in the summer full swing and I hate summer here. I am not and don’t think I ever have sugar coated that. I love winter here. I can say I am looking forward to my last winter here.

The things I enjoy most in life are a pain in the ass to do in the summer. I will say that just this past month they have allowed each home, with many restrictions…a small portable AC unit. We had talked about it, about getting one. We talked but then that’s been it. We are on a self imposed strict budget. 1 year out from our next move I love to save, save, save as much money as possible!

So what else has gone a little stale…friendships. I know, many fizzle and few sizzle..especially living the military life..always moving and even with social media it’s still easy to disconnect. Sometimes even the things you think will hold the friendship together like glue..does not matter. I guess with some people you have to have many, many things in common. That’s hard,lol. Friendships are hard, especially the older I get…boooo!

I guess when it comes down to it, I could write forever about negative things,lol. There are still many little positives about living in Japan but in the end, I am ready to adventure on and see what else is out there!


2013 Navy Misawa Snow Bowl!

Today, March 1st was the inaugural Navy Misawa Snow Bowl!

The day started off feeling pretty nice…not to cold and clearly not hot since it was a Snow Bowl,lol. I went with my friend and we were going to take pictures and to represent the FRG in which we belong to.

The first game kicked off at 9:30am sharp. As soon as we got out of the car to head over to the field, a horrid wind started…It ended up sticking around the whole time too. I am glad I brought gloves, my hat and wore snow boots!

As you can see from the first picture I posted…some people came under dressed for the occasion and that man had purple legs after a while. I have no idea what possessed him to wear man panties to play football…and those socks just added to the amusement.

It was hard to follow all the teams and scores even with the announcer, guess I should have taken a pen and paper along too but I did not. I alone took over 400 pictures of this event! My friend took as much, if not more!

There was a lot of laughing & freezing going on. Apparently there was also a bloody injury too that we missed somehow, so no photos of that.

The other two pictures I posted were of my husbands Command’s CPO’s & PO2’s that played in todays games!

In the end it was a ton of fun! (Not Pictured)  The winners being Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC)! They defeated Navy Munitions Command East Asia Division Unit Misawa in overtime, 13-7!


Oirase Brewery Trip

Hello Out There!!

I am sorry I have started the year out pretty flat with blogging! Life is and has been pretty slow here. Very slow paced and not much going on. It’s the dead of winter..which I love! I am enjoying the feet upon feet of snow that keeps falling, it makes me happy and reminds me that all too soon it will be summer and I will be miserable!

For right now though I am content and happy to watch the snowfall at all hours of the day and night. My pups love it and makes it easy to take them potty! They would rather be out in the snow then rain,haha!

This weekend we went on the Oirase Brewery Trip. There were several people leaving the Command and a new guy coming in, so we celebrated it. Daniel has been to the Brewery before, for me it was my first time.

It is about a 45 minute bus ride there, all the snow and lack of plowing out side the gate is why really,lol. It was a lot of fun though, we were going with friends! It was a much needed time out but sadly Daniel had to work all weekend, so drinking was not for him. I only drank a little myself at the Brewery.

I found that I enjoyed the company of friends rather than the food at the Brewery. I much prefer going to Vikings. It is in the same style of prepared and eating/cooking your own food but Vikings seems to have much better quality of food.

Like I said, it was more about the company for me than the food. I tried several beers, the dark tasted best to me. I also had some Orange flavored Korean Rice Wine…that stuff can be deadly folks! Since Daniel could not really drink, I did not as well.

So you get there, cook your own meats & veggies while you drink and eat and talk…all you can for 90 minutes! It is Y3500 per person. In USD that is around $37.19. It is well worth it, especially if you are drinking! The meats they had were pork, beef, chicken & lamb.

After your time is up, you hop back on the bus and it takes you back to base. Very simple. On the way back it had started snowing again and we were all over the road,lol. So, if you come to Japan, Misawa especially I highly recommend you taking the Brewery Trip! It is located in Towada-shi. You can set the trip up through ITT here on base!

I also purchased 2 of the beer glasses from the Brewery as a memento! It cost me close to $13.00 for 2 of them.


Sledding At The Lodge, Misawa Japan

On the North side of the base there is an old ski lodge. Back in the day it had a rope pulley system and people would ski down it. Now it is used for sledding, skiing & snowboarding or for whatever you want really.

We had talked about going sledding last year. I had to buy us sleds and stuff online since the sleds they have here are for kids only, too small. By the time we got everything, it was late in the season and instead we took many snowy walks last winter.

This past weekend we got a really nice snowfall, actually since Christmas day we’ve been getting some good snow. They have decided to “use” that ski lodge too this year and they are offering us free coffee and hot chocolate on the weekends as well as a service to order food from the Lakeview Grille and have it delivered.

It was actually a very cold, sunny, blue sky kind of day when we went but it had snowed and snowed the days before so it was actually a perfect day for it!

When we arrived there were several cars there but the people must have either been taking a snow hike or in the lodge as there were only like 2 people attempting to sled.

It is a very nice, long hill. Perfect for sledding. Daniel went first. Our round sleds that had to be blown up did not fully flatten out and kind of made us “carve” new earth on the way down, which meant faces full of fresh snow.

Next it was my turn. I was excited about going down, not so excited about having to climb back up to the top but seeing it’s the only way back up, you do it anyways,lol.

I went fast and very far down that hill. I also got covered completely in snow. I mean, I could not even see my face was filled with snow. When I cleared my eyes Daniel was laughing. I actually looked like a snowman,haha! Let’s just say it got cold, real quick for us.

That hill is murder going back up but awesome exercise too! Each time we went down, the same thing happened and it was amusing, really! It was a blast, much needed time together doing something fun!

Here are some pictures from our day sledding!


Happy New Year!


I hope you and yours had a wonderful celebration! I am looking forward to this new year! A new year of MORE blogging and hopefully getting out more to do things in Japan. It’s been a little rough here the last few months, curfews and other such not so fun things and it kind of sucked the joy out of being here. Of course other things have also sucked the joy out of being here.

We have 1.5 years left here so I want to make the best of it! We will be picking new orders this summer, we are both looking forward to it! The anticipation is building in me since summer is only months away. As I am typing we are in the middle of a wonderful Misawa snowstorm! You MUST love snow to move here!

I have spent the last, past year focusing more on my baking & baking blog. I also have a project in the works which I am devoting this year, 2013 to. I am assuming it will be time consuming and it has to do with baking if you are interested. For now I will leave you with that until it is developed more. No, I don’t have a bakery yet, not yet…I have to wait a few more short years :)

I have many hopes & desires for this new year. I am not wasting my time, thoughts or anything else on resolutions…I have goals and this project is my goal for 2013…not necessarily to “finish” it this year but build and grow it! I am excited!!

I hope this year brings you all much joy, peace & happiness!! Do you have any goals for this year or resolutions?


First Stop Tokyo, Then Onto Guam!

Hello family & friends :) It has been a super slow year blogging for me. It’s been slow around here in some ways as well.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween :) We did. We did our traditional dinner & watching of the movie “Halloween” but I threw a twist into this year and decided to hand out candy, which I’ve never done before. Must have handed out candy easily to over 150 kids. Plus my friend Sarah and her little one, Dom came over for a treat and visit which added to my night!

So, it is November 1st and tomorrow I leave for the 1st leg of my “Girls Vacation”!!! Tokyo, I’ve been once already this year, weeks ago, so this will be my 2nd trip to Tokyo this year! My friend & I are staying there for 2 nights. Really don’t have anything planned for Tokyo, don’t really want to be off, running around, trying to see stuff, more of a relaxing and getting ready for the big part of our vacation, Guam!

Guam is known as Asia’s Hawaii. Pictures that we’ve seen look amazing. The hotel we chose, the Outrigger is a 5 star hotel in the middle of everything and on the beach. There is supposed to be a bit of everything. I am excited, nervous, excited and even more nervous. Today I have butterfly’s in my stomach and I know I will not sleep tonight.

Why nervous, well I don’t know exactly. I guess first of all this trip is totally out of character for me, really, it is. Like even more out of character for me than suggesting we move to Japan. Also, I’ve never been on a vacation without my husband, just how we roll,lol. So it is all very new, thrilling, exciting, so much different things going on. I know I will have a blast with my friend :)

I have vowed to NEVER, ever take the bus again from here to Tokyo and thus far it has been that way and again I will be taking the Shinkansen (Bullet Train)! I love it. Gets us to Tokyo in less than 3.5 hours. A tad more expensive than taking the overnight bus but incredibly worth every Yenny to me.

Daniel will be bringing us to the train station, we are leaving from Hachinohe, not to far from Misawa. We are leaving in the middle of the afternoon, our choice. Will get into Tokyo just in time for dinner and not sure what else. Our flight leaves from Tokyo to Guam on Sunday and again it is only a short flight, about 3.5 hours and we will get into Guam in the middle of the afternoon!

It will sure be an adventure with lot’s of fun. I have to be honest, I will miss my love and my fur-babies but I know they will be here and ready to snuggle with when I get back home!


Season Of The icky Sickies!

Sorry I’ve not posted or updated in a while. I guess I have just been living and going along,lol. The temps are nice and chilly and getting cold. Soon it will be winter and there will be fluffy white happy stuffs all around to play in..I can not wait!

It seems though everyone is now getting sick and passing it all over the base. Kind of hard not too, small base and I am sure so many people & kids who do not wash hands and other such things….ewwww.

I am afraid of getting full on sick, right now I am on the fence, in the middle. I am kinda sick but not having any defining things wrong. Sore throat, a little coughing, had a fever yesterday, ache.

My husband on the other hand is full on sick, which I why I am afraid…My girls vacation to Guam starts on Nivember 2nd. Trying not to be sick, that would be miserable.

So, I picked up some Airborne and hoping like heck it helps, works, keeps me in the clear. When I get full on cold/flu sick, it lasts weeks..can not afford for that to happen with my vacation so close!!

Also, I’ve been a busy crafting in my craft room, visiting with my good friend Sarah whom is also a crafter. I go to her house once a week, at least try too. I am really happy to have found her and can really call her a true friend!!

I hope all of you out there are doing well, keeping healthy and safe from all these strange storms going on. Apparently my family is to be hit with what they are calling Frankenstorm,lol.



2012 Navy Ball, Misawa Japan

In the 11 years we’ve been married and in the military we’ve never gone to a Navy Ball. Honestly, when it comes around we always seem to think about it last minute and then of course I never have a dress and the list goes on…

We talked about finally going this year and there was a dress “shop” run by an American off base…Okay, not really a dress shop but his wife sold dresses to us that she purchased. So, I knew I’d be able to get one for the event.

In September while getting my hair done, my hair dresser told me she had a dress for me to try on, tried it on, looked wonderful and it was mine. Now I had my dress and no more worries.

I wore my shawl all night with my dress because a week before or maybe it had been 2 weeks before I got a nasty bruise on my arm and well it was still very ugly. The shawl fixed that problem.

I did not know what to expect about the Ball, there is not much information out there about it. Now that I’ve gone and experienced it, it really is not a big deal even though it is made out to be. I mean, it is a celebration of the birth of the Navy but aside from that it is a bunch of long, drawn out speeches by people who’s names I don’t even remember.

We had fun. There was dancing, a DJ. The food was delicious as I expected as I love the the steak from our on base so called steak-house. We did dance to a few songs, had a few drinks, was there for many hours, then called it a night.

Would I go again? Sure, but the next time I will not stress out about silly little things some woman seem to make a huge deal about. It was a party, it should be fun, that is all :)



Lights On The Lake 2012

This past Saturday we got to celebrate Labor Day with fireworks! We’ve been wanting to see fireworks since we moved here almost 1.5 years ago but they have been cancelled several times, mostly due to weather and the reasons they gave for none on the 4th of July were ridiculous.

There was no parking at base beach, the lake where we’d be seeing them, so they put out a shuttle bus service to take us there and back. We boarded our bus at 6:30pm, they were not set to go off till 7pm, so plenty of time to get there, find a spot and settle in.

As out bus was making it’s way to the North Side, we started driving strange, the bus kept jerking and something did not feel right to me but I shrugged it off. Then we start smelling something, next you know people in the back of the buss say they see smoke.

Our bus driver was a Japanese national and did not communicate anything with us. He pulled us over, got out and looked around the bus and proceeded to move ahead. Then there was more noise and then the bus stopped, lights and AC went out and people got worried and upset.

We were in the middle of being to far from our cars and not close enough to the beach, so walking was out. Finally a woman on the bus got really alarmed and told everyone she was getting off the bus with her child because now there was smoke in the back of the bus.

Everyone got off the bus. The men walked around looking and it seemed we snapped and axle or something and it all looked strange and the bus was leaking some sort of fluid.

Security forces drove by several times and not once did they bother to check us, to see if we were okay or if we needed help. Very odd and upsetting. Eventually another bus came by, an American and he asked us what was going on. I guess the bus driver did not make a call for help…..

So, we did end up getting to the beach with a few short minutes to spare before the first firework went off. It was beautiful, relaxing and a very enjoyable time with my love, even with the nasty heat! After that we headed to the bowling alley and bowled 3 great games! It was a fun night.