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Thanks To You…

Do you ever have days, especially holidays that never go as you plan them or build them up to be in your head? You may be wondering how my (our) Thanksgiving was. I do wonder how yours was.

Mine was supposed to be a nice early morning, jump starting the day would be the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while we prepped food and enjoyed each other’s company in our home.

This is actually how it went: I was up at 5:30am starting the slow-cooked stuffing so it could go all day and be ready for dinner at 3pm. 8:00am rolls around, we start the day and hubby just happened to be duty section leader and he called work to make sure everyone mustered like they were suppose to, something all of them have done countless times.

Hubby assured me Wednesday evening that all he would have to do is call work and make sure everyone had done one SIMPLE thing, called in and mustered for duty. Let me say this again, all THEY had to do was CALL and muster. That should have been the end of it. Sadly some people just don’t give a shit and don’t think about the consequences of their actions, this day their action was being lazy.

This now meant dear hubby would have to go into work and call each jackhole that decided they would not CALL and tell them they now had to come in and physically muster. What ticked me the hell off was that their actions had now went beyond just effecting them but now infringed on MY Thanksgiving with my husband. Hubby took me to work with him so that we would still kind of be together. This did not end up being the case and I fell asleep in his shop. Not what WE had planned.

It took 3 hours and tons of excuses. Our whole day was thrown off, the turkey went in way late, my stuffing thankfully still came out good. I missed the parade. I know, all those things are little things in the end but that’s really not my point. My point is, what you do or don’t do, not only effects you but those around you.