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Gizmos & Gadgets!

How was your Christmas? Did you get what you wanted/wished/hoped for this year? I got that and them some! Hubby spoiled me rotten and I think I must have been a very good girl this year. Did you receive any kind of gizmo or gadget this year or do you just not do the electronics thing for one reason or another? Here at our house we love all electronics and tend to ask for at least one each at Christmas & sometimes we get more!

This year my BIG wish was for the 27-inch desktop iMac. My Gateway laptop that I’ve had for a few years was starting to act funny this year and it is not it’s normal self, although still functions, not sure for how much longer. I do a lot with photo’s & web design among other things. We’ve talked about a Mac for a while but held back for a few reasons in the past such as money & me being accustomed to Windows PC’s.

I did get it for Christmas! I love it. Although a little bit of a challenge, I am always up for those and love to learn. Here I am opening it on Christmas morning!

I really am enjoying it! Like I said, very different for me since I’ve been a Windows kinda gal for a LONG time. I am sure it will soon be second nature to me! Do you own an iMac? What do you love about it or any Mac?

When I first heard about Amazon coming out with a new Kindle, the Kindle Touch I did not put much thought into it and wrote it off as something not of interest to me. I’ve upgraded every time a new one has come out for various reasons and because I wanted to. The last upgrade was a need though because I wanted the 3G as well as Wifi being & living overseas and I do not regret that. I ended up falling in-love with it and the idea of a touch screen and since I own and love my iPad & iPod Touch, I knew it would be something I would take to easily. Here I am after opening the package on Christmas!

I love it and have already registered it, all my books are on there and a new 1st book to read on it this weekend! I love Touch technology. I take no issue with it having no back light. It is meant to be an ereader. Paper books don’t come with a built in light either folks! I like using my ereader as just that…an ereader!

My next electronic gift was something I had no idea at all I was going to get. Did not even talk about wanting it/getting it for Christmas. I am thrilled though because I did want it but did not voice it to hubby! We talked about how much fun it could/would be & we tried it out at a Target before we moved to Japan. The Nintendo 3DS! Yes, I love video gaming of all sorts from the computer to PC to consoles and handheld ones! It really is cool, you should check it out! Here I am, really surprised!

Such fun gifts!

Daniel asked for what I consider an interesting gift this year. A shortwave Transceiver. He has been wanting one for a few years but really really wanted it this year, so I got it for him and he is happy!


Spherical Earthquake And Tsunami Shelter

It has been 6 months since the earthquake & tsunami here in Japan. We arrived about 3 months later. These days you do not hear about much, unless you pay attention to a few smallish groups that are still fundraising and gathering things for victims. It’s sad how quickly people forget, or move along because after all, it happened in Japan.

This evening I found a very interesting story coming from Cosmo Power Co. here in Japan. It seems that they have built & tested what they are calling a safe, mini Noah’s ark type sphere that can float & hold up to 4 adults. This could possibly save many lives if this ever happens again here or any where else in the world.

You can read the article HERE. It really is not something to laugh off or think silly of. I wonder why something like this has not been out on the market before? Maybe I am just not with it and have missed it but I think it is an awesome invention.

Japanese people are incredibly smart, sophisticated and so far ahead in the world of electronics. Daniel & I were talking earlier as we were out and about at the Japanese mall, they seem to be so far ahead any other country when it comes to electronics yet, if you walk into any electronics store here, you can still by a VCR, huge…old TV’s & cassette players. It’s a little confusing and you feel like you have stepped back into the 80’s but honestly it is cool to still see those items..brand new,lol.

What are your thoughts on this “shelter” or “ark”? Do you think it could save lives? If so..Why? If not..Why not?


Electronics,Books & Shopping

Today actually ended up being a pretty busy day and it was wonderful. I live for the weekends with Daniel. It seems to be the only time we now have to go and do things, during the week we have a tight schedule we keep to.

It was nice & chilly today, I think I was briefly able to pretend I was not in Florida.

We started the day heading to downtown Jacksonville, there was an Electronics Liquidation type sale going on and we love our gadgets! It cost $16 for the both of us to get in without even knowing if it was worth the money, but sometimes you just have to be a little risky.

It was OK, I will give it that much. And Mr.ShamWow guy, you can buy a better set of those things for the same price now at Walmart. I didn’t tell him that to his face as I did not want him to loose business on account of me (rolling my eye’s).

Nothing else was to spectacular there, so there is not much more to say about that event, we did however buy a really interesting carpet cleaner, there will be more about that item in another post after we use it ourselves.

Then we headed off to a flea market which sucked because we are in Florida and any chilly weather sends people packing and into hibernation. Needless to say there were not many vendors out and those that were, were selling produce…I’ll get mine at the grocery store.

Off we then went to one of our favorite book stores called ” Chamblin’s Book Mine ” where we go looking for books before we go to any of the big-wig chain stores. We could spend hours there, and we often do but we did not have much time today because we had gone out to eat for a late lunch at the Olive Garden.

I made a couple selections there but alas I will be saving that for yet another post.

I am a pretty crafty gal so I wanted to go to a few of my favorite stores like Joann’s & Michael’s. I did find a few things like some papers for a special project. I was going to get a refill cartridge for my Xyron but remembered that they are $10 at Walmart instead of $16 at these two places. Can you guess where we went shopping next?

If you said Walmart, you are sadly wrong,lol. We went to GameStop of course! We are always looking for new or more games to play. Daniel walked out with two games and me with one. Then of course we went to Walmart to finish off a day & night of browsing & shopping.

Come to find out, one of the games Daniel got at GameStop, it is crappy and keeps freezing. It was a used game, so tomorrow we will be out getting that fixed.  The rest of the night calls for more blogging (maybe) and maybe playing Lord Of The Rings Online.

What was your day like?