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You Know, That Moment When…

The moment you see, if you use WordPress, Self Hosted that there is an update to the WP installation? So because you have NOT had an issue in FOREVER, you always just click on “update now”. Then you go about your merry blogging way!

Yeah, I fell into a small trap called a comfort zone today. You know, when things just always go as they should, no hiccups and nothing to loose sleep over. Well I also got slapped on the face, but this story has a happy ending!

In a split nanosecond I almost lost it all….errrr….again! I logged into my blogs dashboard and saw a little happy update looking at me. I clicked the button and was about to go off to finish working on my craft room, when I all of a sudden got an error.

I thought it was funny at first, just a little snag that would work itself out. Then gladly I saw my blog pop back up and I went and hit the dashboard button and got a dreaded 404!!! Nooooooo, in an instant I felt ill, my stomach got upset and in my head I was screaming at myself, because I did not back up my recent files for a week or two.

This error though was not letting me get in to do anything. Of course I took to the internets and pretty much found that WordPress’s latest update, 3.4.1 was not playing nice with many bloggers round the world. It’s not completely stable.

I also got instantly mad at myself for just not waiting for my host Go Daddy to give me a button to click in a few days. At least I know with them NOTHING will go wrong and if it does THEY will fix it asap. However, thinking this was no help.

I got the bright idea to get on Go Daddy and hope like hell that I could “go back” an installation, you know…roll back to a previous version. Someone was smiling down at me and did not want me to go batshit crazy and behold the roll back button on Go Daddy.

I had just updated through Go Daddy less than a week ago, they have a within 7 day roll back. Boy was I lucky! So, crisis resolved and in a timely fashion too! Although I do hate to admit that Go Daddy saved my ass but they really did!

All that was lost in this ordeal was a few minutes of my life and 1 post…I will have to get that back up soon. Luckily for me I have the text saved from that post, so it’s all good!

Anyone else have this issue?




As you can see my blog is a bit of a mess, yet again. Had some issues…ones I will laugh at some other time as this is so time consuming. I am working hard to get it all fixed and running, so please don’t run away,lol!


My Blog Is Now Back Up

Well, I am “back” and my blog is now up. I did not end up moving my blog and decided to stick with WordPress. I guess I like headaches and hours upon hours of things to fix,lol.

You may notice there is nothing here at the moment, there isn’t. My XML file became corrupted at some point and then I was having issues, decided to scratch WordPress and move along.

Fast forward to 2 days ago when I thought I was ready to start again, my plans did not work out and so I am back using WordPress, I like being able to do my own thing anyways.

So have I mentioned that I had to copy & paste every post I’ve ever written since I started blogging in 2007…Yeah, it took me a long time. Honestly, there are posts missing. Some I lost doing previous WordPress upgrades and this time I did not copy any Meme’s or picture posts. None of my older posts contain pictures due to how I had to copy and paste everything into notepad.

So back in January I did have a XML file with almost all of my posts and it somehow became corrupted and is now useless to me  So now I have the job of manually putting all of my old posts on here…In the meantime I will continue to blog.

I’ve missed blogging, the blogging community, my friends and reading others blogs. So bare with me as I fix up my new place and add my old posts. It will take some time though. Not sure if anyone needs to update the RSS feed or not, would not hurt to check. My link is still the same so if you have me on your blog, all is well.

Now to change this theme around.