6 Years Of Blogging!

Wow, today 6 years ago I started blogging. I know it has been more sparce since I moved to Japan, which is rather amusing. You would have thought there would be more to blog about but really I have found less things to share.

The day to day life here I find not worthy of blogging. Now, maybe if I lived off base but living on this base, it’s filled with drama and now since it’s summer we melt from the heat and don’t want do anything,lol.

I thank all of you, well any of you left out there for sticking around. It’s been an interesting 6 years for sure and I am sure the next 6 will be as well!

There is a lot going on around here and will be the rest of this year. We will soon be picking orders again and leaving Japan by next summer! So excited.

I hope as the weather cools I will post more often. I do have some stories to share but a million pictures to sift through too!


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