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A To Z Challenge: Popovers

My Theme For The Challenge This Year Is Baking! Today’s Letter Is “P”!

What is a Popover? It is a light muffin, which rises to form a hollow shell when baked.

Have you ever made or eaten a popover? They sure are a curious “muffin” to me. Tasty, especially fresh out of the oven with some butter.

While these may sound or look hard to make, they really are not much trouble at all and can be whipped up very quickly and go great with just about anything.

If you would like to use the recipe I did to make these, it can be found here: Popovers


2 Responses to A To Z Challenge: Popovers

  1. Oh my god that looks soooo good. I could absolutely get fat eating those and die happy. Yummm.

    Happy A to Z blogging.

  2. I know I’ve had them before, but have never baked them. Muffins are always popular around here though and I bet a funny looking muffin would be a hit w/the kids.
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