2013 Navy Misawa Snow Bowl!

Today, March 1st was the inaugural Navy Misawa Snow Bowl!

The day started off feeling pretty nice…not to cold and clearly not hot since it was a Snow Bowl,lol. I went with my friend and we were going to take pictures and to represent the FRG in which we belong to.

The first game kicked off at 9:30am sharp. As soon as we got out of the car to head over to the field, a horrid wind started…It ended up sticking around the whole time too. I am glad I brought gloves, my hat and wore snow boots!

As you can see from the first picture I posted…some people came under dressed for the occasion and that man had purple legs after a while. I have no idea what possessed him to wear man panties to play football…and those socks just added to the amusement.

It was hard to follow all the teams and scores even with the announcer, guess I should have taken a pen and paper along too but I did not. I alone took over 400 pictures of this event! My friend took as much, if not more!

There was a lot of laughing & freezing going on. Apparently there was also a bloody injury too that we missed somehow, so no photos of that.

The other two pictures I posted were of my husbands Command’s CPO’s & PO2’s that played in todays games!

In the end it was a ton of fun! (Not Pictured)  The winners being Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC)! They defeated Navy Munitions Command East Asia Division Unit Misawa in overtime, 13-7!


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