Sledding At The Lodge, Misawa Japan

On the North side of the base there is an old ski lodge. Back in the day it had a rope pulley system and people would ski down it. Now it is used for sledding, skiing & snowboarding or for whatever you want really.

We had talked about going sledding last year. I had to buy us sleds and stuff online since the sleds they have here are for kids only, too small. By the time we got everything, it was late in the season and instead we took many snowy walks last winter.

This past weekend we got a really nice snowfall, actually since Christmas day we’ve been getting some good snow. They have decided to “use” that ski lodge too this year and they are offering us free coffee and hot chocolate on the weekends as well as a service to order food from the Lakeview Grille and have it delivered.

It was actually a very cold, sunny, blue sky kind of day when we went but it had snowed and snowed the days before so it was actually a perfect day for it!

When we arrived there were several cars there but the people must have either been taking a snow hike or in the lodge as there were only like 2 people attempting to sled.

It is a very nice, long hill. Perfect for sledding. Daniel went first. Our round sleds that had to be blown up did not fully flatten out and kind of made us “carve” new earth on the way down, which meant faces full of fresh snow.

Next it was my turn. I was excited about going down, not so excited about having to climb back up to the top but seeing it’s the only way back up, you do it anyways,lol.

I went fast and very far down that hill. I also got covered completely in snow. I mean, I could not even see my face was filled with snow. When I cleared my eyes Daniel was laughing. I actually looked like a snowman,haha! Let’s just say it got cold, real quick for us.

That hill is murder going back up but awesome exercise too! Each time we went down, the same thing happened and it was amusing, really! It was a blast, much needed time together doing something fun!

Here are some pictures from our day sledding!


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