Christmastime Is Here!!

Oh…hey! I’ve been busy and not blogging huh? Truth be told, I am busy and I am blogging but on my baking blog. I am doing 25 Days Of Christmas Cookies over at I’m At Home Baking! So, go visit and get to making some Christmas cookies or cookies for the holiday you are celebrating!

We have our Christmas tree, have had it since Black Friday. Packages with Christmas presents are arriving daily for us. We did 99.9% of our Christmas shopping online. The Black Friday sales kind of stunk here.

Midnight Madness was the last sale they just had here this past Saturday…I actually think the sales were better than what they offered to us on Black Friday…we certainly spent more.

I can not believe that Christmas is just about 1 week away! It has NOT been snowing here. We did get a little snow so far this season but not much and certainly not enough! Instead of snow, we’ve been getting rain! This is typically not a rainy season for us at all but temps have been MUCH warmer than they were last year. I am thinking we will be dealing with a much later running winter season this year…I’m OK with that.

So, I’ve been baking, a lot really. I have also been working on a few other projects too, craft like ones and so, I’ve been doing stuff. I know, I still need to finish my Guam posts. I have so many pictures to share…it really is a beautiful place!!! I hope to go back, sometime. Come June we will be picking new orders and figure out where we are moving next! Thankfully time is moving fast.

I have to be honest. I am over being here, we both are. It is time to move along, away. One good thing about being here is a wonderful friend I have made!!! I wish I could take her with me when we move…The odds of us living anywhere close together again is not likely. Her husband is Air Force, we are Navy!

So, what is your most favorite cookie or cookie you enjoy the most at Christmastime???



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