Come Fly With Me…

Hello!! I am now back from my Guam vacation! Almost been home for about 2¬†weeks now and decided I had to get my Guam posts going!! Thanksgiving & Christmas are upon us and I will be super busy with those kinds of posts as well. Hope you all are doing well & looking forward to the holiday’s as much as I am!!

Have you ever flown first class or business class? Before this trip I had only wanted to and thought it would be a nice treat. If you can do it, do it at least once and see how wonderful it is for yourself. It really took away a lot of my stress. It is SO comfortable! The seats are huge, you get real blankets, pillows and lot’s of other cool things.

Anything you want to drink even before the plane leaves the ground. I was in heaven, really. My friend Snow really enjoyed it too. Also, you get real plates, silverware, glasses, napkins…all of it. You ask for a can of soda you get the whole can and snacks too. On our way there a lunch was served.

I actually ate it and it was good. You even get dinner rolls! Yeah, I am a bit of a dork but it was a great experience. It was a little over 3 hour flight from Tokyo to Guam. We pretty much had time to eat all the things they served, filled out our Customs forms, then it was just about time to land.

I have nothing bad to say about my experience with United or first class either. They made me feel very comfortable and since I hate flying, this was a plus. I was spoiled flying this way,lol. Ohh yeah, we had to take the Shinkansen (bullet train) from where we live to Tokyo first. Then we had to take another hour train ride to the Narita Airport, which is where we left from.




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