2012 Navy Boat Regatta

Friday, the 17th of August was this years Boat Regatta on the lake here on base! After attending last years, I’ve been looking forward to this one.

The weather while still hotish and muggy, was not sunny like last years. In fact it sprinkled, drizzled but was not to bad. I brought my umbrella just in case to protect my camera.

The turnout this year was HUGE if you compare it to last year, many people came out to enjoy it. There were 12 boats competing. Things were done a little differently this year, as far as the “rules”.

2 boats would race each other at a time, starting on the shore and race back to the others side of the beach. Then it got a little crazy, something with throwing water balloons at the group as they tried to get their flag to a certain spot on the beach to claim victory & something about if they got hit with a water balloon they all would have to run back to the water and get a bucket of it poured over their heads. Interesting stuff folks.

It was a ton of fun & I am looking forward to next years regatta! I took nearly 500 shots during the races and wish I could share them all on here but that is impossible! So here are a handful I took of each race!


In The End, They Lost The Race!
In The End, They Won The Race!


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