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Hurry Up….And Wait! – The Social Frog

Hurry Up….And Wait!

Sorry it’s been a little while since my last blog post. It has been kind of slow going here. The Tanabata Festival was this past weekend but we were not able to attend due to Daniel having duty. It was exactly the same as last year though, so we did not miss out on a thing, so it’s all good.

The heat is here, making the everyday nasty as hell. Doing anything is a joke too unless you are sitting and not moving or if you find someplace to go that has AC. Last night we did just that. We had dinner out in town due to them having AC and then we went and bought me a Japanese fan to stick my face in front of,lol.

If you are in the military, the Navy you are most likely familiar with the saying “Hurry Up & Wait”. It is something that ALWAYS happens, especially when you are the military person going somewhere or awaiting some information.

I have not talked about it much, actually I do not talk about our military life much in general but months ago Daniel took the Chief’s exam, we found out a while ago he was bored selected and that my friends was an awesome feeling! Many take the test and few get bored selected, so that happening in itself brought about much joy!

Now it is the last day of July, heading into August and we are awaiting the CPO (Chief Petty Officer’s) results. It’s like 2 weeks of “Did he make it or not”! You can not help but torture yourself, checking for any information at all ungodly hours of the night, which is fine really because of the time difference, lol. We were really hoping for news last night but nothing.

So, tonight I will keep watch for any information that may come out while Daniel somehow sleeps with no issue. Well, it’s a good thing he is sleeping well as if he does get selected the next 6 weeks of his life will be insane and lacking of sleep. The excitement is almost to much!

If anyone else out there is waiting for the results, Good Luck To You!!!


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