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Summer In Misawa – The Social Frog

Summer In Misawa

It is now what I would say is “officially” summer here in Misawa. When the temps reach the 90’s two days in a row and you want it to be over ASAP! If you remember last summer, it was MISERABLE here. I can only say, it is like living in Florida but without AC to cool you off.

Thankfully these nasty temps above 80 should only last a few weeks and then thankfully summer will be gone 🙂 Can you tell I am longing for fall & winter??? I am dreaming of seeing that first snowflake of the season!

Last year I did not want to do anything in this heat and I imagine I will feel the same way over the next few weeks. The key is to not let it stop you though, you just have to keep in mind, you will NOT be smexy anywhere you go at any time. Maybe for a few minutes, then you will melt.

I’d love to go camping, I think you would swelter to death though in a tent. What do you think?? My favorite kind of camping is beach camping and have not done it in forever. A friend of mine is talking about it and of course it would be fun.

Swimming in the lakes/rivers/streams/oceans are not going to be happening for us. We decided before we moved here that it is just not something we are interested in. If you are curious why, shoot me an email by going to Contact Me and I will mail you back 🙂 There is an indoor pool here on base but to many people use it and did I already mention it is indoors, no AC…yeah…no.

Sorry, so many negative things but really this country is beautiful no matter what time of the year, each season has it’s wonderful points and summer is the only time I really have negative things to say, but that’s just me, my body and what I like, don’t like.

Yesterday we went bowling. It was closed all last summer when we first got here, so we had no idea it has AC. Yeah, we might be living in there for the rest of the summer! While it was still warmish it was much cooler than our home or outside! We had fun! Bowled 3 games and I played the best I’ve had in a long time!

It is hard to believe that July is half over already! The time is just flowing by! This is good though. There might be a lot going on for us soon, keep tuned in and I’ll let you know as things happen!

How is your summer going??


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