Laws For Mental Health Rights

I am completely horrified at the news story I read yesterday about an Illinois motherPOS who just dropped off her daughter at a bar and left her, refusing to come back and get her, refusing to take care of her any more, her mentally ill and disabled daughter!!

Who does this?? I mean abuse and throwing away ones child is common place in this fucked up world we live in, so I should not be surprised or upset about this at all. Mentally and disabled children have an even tougher life to get through, yet you can easily walk away from them when they come of age.

This poor girl has no legal guardian. What sucks even more is that her POS mother has another mentally disabled child at home, she says she can not take care of both of them, so one had to go. Are you KIDDING me??

She should not be allowed to walk away like that and claim no responsibility to her own flesh and blood anymore. The state should hold her accountable for her actions and also remove the other child from the home. What will she do when the 2nd one gets to be too much, maybe kill her???

I realize the daughter she threw on the curb is 19, so not a child as far as age goes but she IS a child in every way. I can not imagine ever being abandoned by anyone, let alone my mother…the one person who was steady in my life.

The POS is Eva Cameron, from Algonquin, Ill. The daughter she got rid of is Lynn. Sadly Lynn will most likely now live out her days in a facility of sorts, which is much better than nothing but an incredibly sad life to live. Maybe it is for the best, who knows how the POS treated her these last 19 years.


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