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Non-Traditional Holidays – The Social Frog

Non-Traditional Holidays

I hope everyone had a nice & safe 4th Of July in the United States and all over the world!

For us it was yet again one of those non-traditional holidays here in a foreign country. One of those holidays where you really wish for something “normal” and what you are used to enjoying.

One of the most simple and most pleasurable things for me on ANY 4th Of July are fireworks. It is NOT the 4th of July without them honestly. Sadly, last year and this year the base did not give us any, at all.

Last year we had the “Freedom Fest” down at base beach and this year they did “Misawa State Fair”. They really missed the mark with this years stuff for sure. I honestly did not want to go, had ZERO desire, especially knowing there would be no fireworks to end the night.

There honestly was nothing else to do since the base pretty much “closes” down, meaning almost everything is closed, including the bowling alley! So off we went. I was surprised to see as many people there as there were but then of course nothing else was open or going on.

I did not even take my camera, that is about how separated I was from this event. I do not regret not taking it with me. There were lot’s, actually tons of food vendors and game booths set up. Fun for kids, that’s for sure.

Our friends had a booth there, a very nice couple we are getting to know more and more recently! We ended up hanging out which really made the day much more enjoyable for me as I got to chat with my friend, our husbands walked off when they wanted too and got us drinks and stuff when we needed them 🙂

We were there till after 6pm and then decided it was time to call it quits. We headed home, had some dinner and then got some stuff to make Margarita’s at home while we played some Kinect games on the 360.

Very non-traditional and not exactly what I wanted but in the end it was alright.


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