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Say What?!?

Living in Japan can sometimes be amusing! I mean no disrepect at all, if this post bothers you in any way, move along :)

I’ve decided I am going to try to do a post, the last day of every month that showcases Japanese¬†“oddities” that we find out and about. One of the big things here happens to be terrible translations!

Also the letter “R” seems to not be present in their vocabulary. One thing I noticed is that Japanese people have a VERY hard time saying my name, if they ask me. They say it over and over again. I appreciate that they want to pronounce it correctly but they just can not, maybe with time they could.

RoseAnn, my name is pronounced “LoseAnn” or, say it like this “Lowsan”, that’s just how it sounds. While it sounds off, I never make anyone feel bad, I just try to help them pronounce it.

Today we went to get some craft items from the Daiso store off base and I could not find what I needed, we walked the store and found some items which we decided to purchase because, well…they were funny.

I notice any frog items from miles away and I laughed out loud and picked up the frog item and brought it over to Daniel, telling him before I showed him, that it was an item I HAD to have. You will see in the picture that frog is spelt as “FLOG”! See, amusing.

Daniel found the 2nd item, I heard him laughing away and when I saw what he had in his hand, I laughed too. It’s a key holder, in the shape of a rabbit BUT they call it a “Fancy Joint Holder”. Do I need to explain? See, amusing.

There is no shortage of stuff like this here. I will also be showing signs and other such things over time.


7 Responses to Say What?!?

  1. In India, with vernacular languages…we have pronunciation problem from region to region. This is definitely funny.

    • Us American’s often get laughed at by the Japanese people and I wonder why but I am sure there are many things we say/do that are very different from them. I guess it is like this all over this great world we live in! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Shannon
    Twitter: ShannonWamsley

    I like that fancy joint holder! And the flog is just too cute.
    Shannon recently posted..I’m Farming and I Grow ItMy Profile

    • Yes, we are rather fond if it ourselves! You know me & frogs! It is a CD case. I will find some cute use for it, most likely in my craft room. Miss you, hugs <3

  3. Oh, this was so amusing! Just loved it!
    Martha Orlando recently posted.."And If You Wait Your Turn, You’ll See Ruby Fall(s) . . ."My Profile

    • Hello Martha!
      I think to myself all the time how funny this stuff is and how I should share it, there is just so much out there! Thanks for stopping by :)
      thesocialfrog recently posted..Say What?!?My Profile

  4. too funny!

    smiles, bee
    empress bee (of the high sea) recently posted..Home sweet home…My Profile

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