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Save It And Back It Up! – The Social Frog

Save It And Back It Up!

Yeah, I realize it’s been since the 4th of this month since I last blogged. Not intended of course. I hate when stuff like this happens. I ended up stepping away for a bit due to frustration’s too.

I am a PC, well I am well versed in PC and am fairly new to the iMac world, since December when I received my 1st iMac desktop. I am trying to learn my way around a Mac and have little issues except for a bit ago. It could have been much worse than it ended up being, thankfully.

Here is my PSA: Buy & use an external hard drive to protect what’s important to you! I do have an external hard drive that I store everything of importance to me on, mostly pictures but also documents and other such things.

I recently slacked off just a bit about immediately putting my photos on it from my iMac after I put them on it. People tend to say that things next to never happen to Macs…I will NEVER agree with that statement again. Things can & do & will go wrong at some point.

I had about 7-10 new folders of events (pictures) to put on my external, told myself I’d do it soon, apparently almost not soon enough. An update popped up for my iMac and as I always do I hit Install…things go along and usually that’s that. Not this time. Instead of telling me it was successful it said something went wrong….

Then you had to hit OK. Then the fun started. A lovely black screen appeared with a bunch of CRAP APPLE JARGON…I almost wanted to cry. I don’t know Apple like I know my PC. I tried looking stuff up, trying stuff…same ole screen came on when I restarted it.

I was trying to boot it up in safe mode but my keyboard would not connect with my iMac, so then I panicked and got very angry with myself for not just putting everything on my external as soon I should have. I had the shoulda-couldas going on for hours.

Daniel came home, we did more research, tried safe mode, bought a USB keyboard…same results…did not work. Then out of the blue it did. Then it stated we needed to re-download Lion, and we did. Finally, hours later my iMac was back to normal, nothing lost but my lessons learned, hopefully for the very LAST time, to make instant use of my external or maybe loose it all!


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