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American Day 2012 アメリカンデー2012 – The Social Frog

American Day 2012 アメリカンデー2012

American Day 2012 has come & now gone! What a busy, hectic weekend it was for us. It was a long but short weekend all at the same time. We were committed to making 300+ Maine Whoopie Pies for one of the American booths, Maine to sell to the Japanese, as well as any Americans. It was a big job.

It took us 12+ hours of non stop baking & filling to get all the whoopee pies done in one day. We also were able to pack our fridge with all of them. Of course that meant pretty much clearing the whole fridge out but it was worth it. By the end of Saturday night, we were so sore and worn out. Sunday morning came fast.

Daniel was up way early to drop off all the goodies and to help set up an run his booth after he worked the Maine booth for a while. His 2nd booth was Alabama. I was to show up a little later. I tried to squeeze in an hour more of sleep and I was going to get to the parade. Sadly, there was nowhere to park and I ran late getting there and missed the parade. From what I could tell it was the same as last year, so I really was not that bummed.

I was thrilled it was kind of an overcast day, meant it was nice and cool, so I enjoyed the day more and walking around. All of our whoopee pies were sold out before 2pm!!! They were a huge success, which could mean there will be lot’s more of my whoopee pies at other base events this year, we shall see. I am happy the Japanese really enjoyed them, as they are picky when it comes to cakes & frostings.

Daniel worked his booth till around 1pm. Then we took off around the town to look at all the yummy American & Japanese food vendors. Daniel chose a Japanese Sasebo burger. He tried one from a Japanese vendor last year and he was less than thrilled with it and he was determined to find a different vendor and give it another go. Luckily we found another vendor and Daniel like it this time. You will see a picture of him eating it!

I was walking along and saw a Japanese man making his version of a cake bite and it smelled delicious, so I bought a small bag of them for 300 Yen. We continued walking around, smelling all the goodness and really realizing just how exhausted our bodies were from the whole weekend. We decided on one last stop to an Indian place next to the base gate so he could get some curry & I could get some Naan bread to take home.

It really ended up being a great, full weekend and I really did enjoy American Day this year and got to experience it more this year than last. I am looking forward to next year and have a few ideas to throw around and we shall see where that might go too! 

Her Glasses Say "F$*K Cops.

Alabama, Daniel's Booth.
Maine Booth, My Whoopie Pies!
My Whoopie Pies!
Hard To Read, Talks About What A Whoopie Pie Is.


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