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Photo A Day In June – The Social Frog

Photo A Day In June

Yay! I am so happy we are now in the month of June! Only a few more months and we will be back into my favorite time of year, fall & winter! I will be making the best of the summer here though and hoping the temps do not reach what they did last year. It sure would make outdoor events more of a pleasure rather than a sweat fest, yuck!

This weekend is going to be super busy. We have American Day going on, on Sunday. Last year we just went, walked around enjoyed the food and atmosphere. This year we are involved! If you are not sure what American Day is, it essentially is a day that the base puts on to keep our friendships and communication going with our host nation, Japan. We cook & bake for them favorite foods and sweet treats from around the United States and they LOVE it.

This year we got involved and I am baking Maine Whoopie Pies to share with the Japanese people & I hope they love them! Daniel is working a booth for a few hours and hopefully we will walk around a bit too. The Japanese also sell their foods, so it’s a win win situation for all. I hope it stays nice and cool on Sunday so I enjoy it.

Tomorrow, Saturday will be a day for sure! Daniel is helping me but we are baking over 300 Maine Whoopie Pies for the event. It will be an all day baking affair which is fine with me, as long as it’s a coolish day as you know we don’t have AC, so an oven running for 7+ hours in a hot apartment, would not be much fun. So look forward to pictures of all sorts from American Day.

Now, let’s talk Instagram. Do you know what it is? If not, click HERE. It is one of the BEST free Apps in my opinion, especially if you enjoy social apps and sharing stuff with people from all over this great world! I was going to talk about this a few days ago but had other posts I wanted to get out first. My friend Empress Bee was just talking about Instagram today as well 🙂 If you have not tried it, do so…now!

If you would also like to look at your photo’s as well as others on your PC or MAC, rather than just on the App itself there is a website called Webstagram, go check it out! Oh yes, as I’ve put out & stated before, you can find me & follow me on Instagram by searching for: “thesocialfrog”. 

Onto the good stuff! There are all kinds of challenges both in blogging and photography. I do not have an iPhone, though I’d like to have one,lol. So, I use my iPodTouch to take my photos on Instagram, not always the best quality but it is fun. So, I found this challenge called “Photo A Day”, then insert month. Since it is now June it is #photoadayjune . You use whatever device, upload it to Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, using hashtag #photoadayjune .

You have time to jump in as it is just now the 1st in the states! Here is the list of prompts for each day through the month of June. I am not sure if I will make a daily post here on my blog about it but I will be participating every day, so join me on Instagram! If you are on Instagram, please let me know your username on there so I too can follow you!


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