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One Year In Japan

Today marks our 1st full year, living here in Japan! We arrived nice and early in the morning, during a typhoon with freezing cold rain! I remember it like it was just yesterday. It was a long and unpleasant travel to get here. The easy part was getting us here, the harder part was getting our pups here. They were a stress and a half but we all arrived safe!

The landing was the worst to date I’ve experienced and of course that was due to the typhoon. It was about 40 something degrees out, pouring and crazy wind. I remember wanting to just sleep. We dropped the pups off at the kennel and headed to the Inn. My friend Snow picked us up a little later on and showed us around. I remember we kept as busy as we could that first day.

We crashed hard when we got back to our room, I believe it was around 3pm when we just could not go anymore. We’ve done a lot in this year here, did some traveling, visited Tokyo, gone on some day trips. We do the local fairs and festivals. It’s been good & it’s been bad too. I love reflecting!

I am looking forward to this coming year here, hoping there are more good things to come. Now I want to share some memorable pictures from our year here thus far, these are just a handful of thousands I’ve taken. Enjoy :)


5 Responses to One Year In Japan

  1. One year – I’m sure you learned a lot in it, RoseAnn. Your pictures are beautiful.
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted..Discover 4 Coconut Products That Lead to Health and WellnessMy Profile

  2. RoseAnn, your photos have allowed me to take a small peak into a country that I probably will never get to visit. Thank you for that! I feel as though I have taken a trip and have never had to leave my desk ☺
    Mary Hudak-Colllins recently posted..‘Made From Scratch’ Monday – Week 18My Profile

  3. I would love to visit japan one day, but for now, i would be grateful to have that kitkat box!!
    Nikky44 recently posted..Sharing The LoveMy Profile

  4. Lovely and fascinating photos! Here’s to another wonderful year in the beautiful country of Japan!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Meditations of my HeartMy Profile

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