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Movie Day

Do you ever take a day, just once in a while to watch movies you’ve rented or own? Alone, with friends, a spouse or significant other? Daniel and I used to do it every Sunday. We would pick out 3 movies and have a movie evening together. We stopped doing this when we moved from Florida to Japan.

I mean, we watch a movie here and there but not like we were. Hubby had mentioned he would like to do a movie day this Sunday. Not just a movie day but an epic movie day, like movies from 12noon till 12am! I was all for it. An incredibly lazy day, laying on the couch with my love was in order!

We have Apple TV, so we can easily purchase movies from iTunes and watch them on our TV. We felt like having a “Classics” day. We spent quite a while making a wish list of classics we’ve not seen but would like to. I believe our list was about 15 movies. Of course there is no way we could have watched all of them in one day but we have another days worth left on the list!

Out of the six movies we watched, there really was only one that we deemed a dud but watched it all the way through in hopes it would get better at some point, “The Loved Ones”. I mean, it was not dreadful but it was not funny like we were expecting. So, we ended up picking some good ones. We laughed quite a bit, snuggled lots and had a really nice, comfy day together.

Honestly, the whole extended weekend ended up being a really nice time together. It is nice when you really, honestly enjoy each others company and so I am looking forward to planning another movie day, maybe sometime in June!

Here is the list of movies we watched! Have you seen any of them?


7 Responses to Movie Day

  1. Sounds like such a fun, relaxing time for both of you. Haven’t seen any of these that you listed; maybe we’ll have to give them a try sometime.
    Happy movie watching and pass the popcorn!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Meditations of my HeartMy Profile

  2. i’ve never been much of a movie buff. i like the one hour mysteries, half hour comedies, stuff like that more.

    hugs, bee
    empress bee (of the high sea) recently posted..Wednesday is MahJong… and other stuff!My Profile

    • I don’t care much for movies of today. Doris Day is my most favorite actress and I love her singing too! I like those things you mentioned as well :)
      thesocialfrog recently posted..Movie DayMy Profile

  3. In 16 years of marriage, I never had a movie day, but I like the idea. Maybe not necessarily to watch movies, but the idea of doing nothing else ta relax for a full day.
    Nikky44 recently posted..Heart-SistersMy Profile

    • Hello Nicole,
      I think it is important in a marriage to have days together of relaxing either watching movies or doing something together! I enjoy our movie days as we enjoy all different kinds of movies. Thanks for stopping by.
      thesocialfrog recently posted..Movie DayMy Profile

  4. I haven’t seen any of the movies you listed, but we do that every once in awhile. If we don’t have weekend plans, we will watch a couple on Friday and then again on Sat. evenings. It’s great fun and good family time ☺
    Mary Hudak-Colllins recently posted..‘Made From Scratch’ Monday – Week 18My Profile

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