My Birthday

It was my 33rd Birthday this past Friday, the 25th of May! The week leading up to my birthday was not the best, I have to wonder if getting older was what was bothering me…who knows. I normally never take issue with my age, so it’s possible it was not that! My husband knows how much I enjoy birthdays, mine or anyone else’s and he gave me a wonderful day!

I was up bright & early because I never like to sleep my birthday away. Hubby brought me home a special breakfast treat, a Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll and a nice hot coffee. I’ve only ever eaten at Cinnabon once in my life before. Hubby had some last minute things to do and I enjoyed my morning talking to my family.

We visited the Japanese McDonalds for lunch. We never really went there in the states but it was my birthday and it is so much more tastier here than in the states, for whatever reason. We headed home and it was time to open presents! I got things I wanted that included the new Star Wars Xbox 360 edition, games, a Bonsai tree.

We also watched a movie, the one I picked out was “The Woman In Black”, if you’ve not seen it, you should. If you are not a fan of thrillers or horror type stuff, don’t bother as you would not appreciate it. We tried to go out to dinner to one of my favorite Yakiniku places, Vikings but sadly they were packed, it was a Friday though.

After opening gifts we set up my Xbox 360 & we played games together with the Kinect for hours, it was so much fun! I absolutely love the Kinect, so much better than the Wii as you don’t have to hold anything, much more freeing. I ended the night with too much ice cream cake. It really was a wonderful, nice day!

Here are some pictures from my day! You will not that my cake says 23 years old, inside joke. I am of course really, honestly 33. Many of these pictures were posted on Twitter and some on my Facebook by way of Instagram. Do you Instagram?? I love it! Find me there with the username: thesocialfrog.



10 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. barb

    Oh, so your ten years younger,cute. that’s what I tell myself every year. You are beautiful! Have fun with your new tree! love it.

    1. thesocialfrog
      Twitter: thesocialfrog
      Post author

      Why Thank You for that lovely compliment :) I actually took that picture that morning, of my birthday! Yes, Daniel was very thoughtful and I love the card from the dogs, I was touched by it!
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