From My Balcony

Today it is beautiful outside. It started out darker & rainy, which I also consider beautiful. It is in the mid to upper 60’s. Perfect weather, can it stay like this all summer? I know what’s coming and am not looking forward to it, but I hope that heat stays away till at least mid June. I go out onto my balcony. There is much noisy construction going on where the animal shelter used to be, across from our home.

I think to myself how I am not sure what is worse…dogs barking all day, starting at 6am or building construction all day that starts at around 8-9am? Which would you choose? I feel the suns rays on my face. How I’ve missed the sun during the winter. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

There is a little chill in the breeze that swirls around, moving with it are smells letting you know that spring has sprung. The aroma from the cherry blossoms I am surrounded by, bring a smile to my face. They are beautiful and will no longer be in just a few short days. The grounds are already littered with the pinkish, white petals. Reminding me that everything only lasts for a season.

I snap pictures of all the trees around me, hoping I might catch something interesting that I can not fully see until I process all my photo’s on my computer. I also capture several pictures of a very large and scary looking spider web which almost makes me want to run inside. I had an unfortunate event happen last summer on our bedroom balcony that has left me scarred,lol. 

I take it all in and remind myself that life is good, even with all the stuff that is going on in the background, that creates unpleasant noises, feelings…the every day, that is my life.

Is spring a time of rebirth or renewal for you?

Incase you did not notice, in the picture above you can see a bee under the cherry blossoms on the left 🙂


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