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Blogging From A To Z Challenge: Shinkansen

Today’s Letter Is S

Welcome to the A To Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April. I’ve not participated in anything like this before but thought it might be fun. I’ve decided to go with a “theme”. My theme is Japanese. I currently live in Japan and I thought it would be interesting to pick a word or place and ”teach” it to you in Japanese.

Shinkansen Translated Is Still Shinkansen In Japanese Or Translated In To English Means; Shinkansen Bullet Train.

Japanese Symbol For Shinkansen: 新幹線

For those who are not aware, the Shinkansen is the Japanese Bullet Train. Fast travel around Japan. I have yet to experience a trip on one but hope to be able to do so soon. It is quite expensive, depending on where you are trying to travel too. The next Tokyo trip, we will be using the Shinkansen. I believe the 10+ hour bus trip to Tokyo is only 3 hours on the Shinkansen, yes please!! If you are interested in the Japanese rail, you can find out more information HERE.


7 Responses to Blogging From A To Z Challenge: Shinkansen

  1. Hope you experience this soon.

  2. Ah the famous bullet train. Enjoy it, RoseAnn.
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted..Enjoying The NowMy Profile

  3. oh i’d love to do that. they keep talking about a bullet train from miami to orlando but it never happens.

    smiles, bee
    empress bee (of the high sea) recently posted..Saturday in paradise…My Profile

  4. Hello.
    From 10+ hours to 3…I’d take the bullet train! Hope you have a pleasurable experience when your turn comes. Thanks for sharing.
    Andy recently posted..Day 19/21: SWEETHEARTMy Profile

  5. ahhhh! is that like the train from the agatha christie novel? murder on the orient express???
    Dangerous Linda recently posted..the light speaksMy Profile

  6. Can’t begin to imagine how fast one of those trains move. Hope you have a thrilling ride!
    Martha Orlando recently posted.."I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter . . ."My Profile

  7. Shannon W.
    Twitter: ShannonWamsley

    I think that is going to be one fun ride!!!
    Shannon W. recently posted..W is for Wisconsin Winter WeatherMy Profile

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