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Today’s Letter Is Q

Welcome to the A To Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April. I’ve not participated in anything like this before but thought it might be fun. I’ve decided to go with a “theme”. My theme is Japanese. I currently live in Japan and I thought it would be interesting to pick a word or place and ”teach” it to you in Japanese.

Qoo In Japanese Is: Kū

Japanese Symbol For Qoo: クー

 Qoo is a non-carbonated beverage from the Coca-Cola Company. Originally introduced in Japan on November 15, 1999 after Coca-Cola teamed up with Minute Maid to create a kid and teen-oriented beverage, Qoo is now available throughout much of Asia in a variety of flavors including grape and orange. In Germany, the product line was introduced in January 2003 and discontinued in November 2005.

The name comes from the mascot’s reaction to tasting the drink. The mascot was designed by Momoko Maruyama, who created Deko Boko Friends. The Jingle, for the original Japanese version, is sung by Londell “Taz” Hicks, an American now living in Japan who also does the voice for the character Fo-Fo in “Deko Boko Friends”

Qoo is transliterated in Chinese as 酷兒 (kùér). It evokes images of “cool kid” since 酷 () is a transliteration of the English word cool and 兒 (ér) means ‘child’ or ‘son’. However, in China and Taiwan, 酷兒 also happens to be the same transliteration as the English word queer referring to sexual orientation or gender identity.

Qoo is easily and readily available in Japanese stores and vending machines. It is geared more towards kids and teens. Talking to Daniel about this, this morning, he has been drinking it off and on for months now. On base in the vending machines it seems to always be Apple. I had never tried it before and so I was curious. I purchased a bottle from our vending machine in the lobby of our tower. My first thoughts…SUPER SWEET! To sweet and sugary for my liking but I can see how it would appeal to the younger kids and teens. Not something I would purchase again unless I was extremely thirsty and it was the only thing available.


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