Blogging From A To Z Challenge: Georgia Coffee

Today’s Letter Is G

Welcome to the A To Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April. I’ve not participated in anything like this before but thought it might be fun. I’ve decided to go with a “theme”. My theme is Japanese. I currently live in Japan and I thought it would be interesting to pick a word and  ”teach” it to you in Japanese.

Georgia Coffee In Japanese Is: Jōjia Kōhī

Japanese Symbol For  Coffee: コーヒー

Georgia brand canned coffee is a big hit here in Japan. Actually, anything in a vending machine is a big hit in this country. Georgia brand comes from Coca-Cola Japan. It comes in both hot or cold in vending machines as well as Japanese convenient stores. You can also buy just 1 or a whole case. Americans here call it crack. It is semi addicting I think.

When I first tried it hot I thought it was alright but over the past 10 months we’ve been here I only had a few. About 1 month ago I tried a cold one. Now, I am a huge fan of iced coffees and I was surprised that I really enjoyed it. I limit myself to 1 can a day, if I do. The cans are very small too.

They are especially great in the cold winter to help keep your hands warm! To find out more information on Georgia Coffee, take a look HERE.


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