Blogging From A To Z: Edamame

Today’s Letter Is E

Welcome to the A To Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April. I’ve not participated in anything like this before but thought it might be fun. I’ve decided to go with a “theme”. My theme is Japanese. I currently live in Japan and I thought it would be interesting to pick a word and  ”teach” it to you in Japanese.

Edamame In Japanese Is: Edamame

Japanese Symbol For Edamame: 枝豆

Edamame is extremely popular here in Japan you can find it in drinks, salads, ice cream, candy & more! It seems to be a fun thing here for us Americans to try and collect all the different kinds of Kit Kat bars one can find. The variety is crazy and they all seem to have a “season” in which they are sold. Also, you can only find certain flavors in certain prefectures too.

Here is a picture of Edamame KitKat’s we purchased & tried. They were different but pretty good oddly. I don’t normally go for that sort of thing.


13 thoughts on “Blogging From A To Z: Edamame

  1. Dawn Embers

    Interesting. I’ve liked the edamame that I’ve tried at Japanese restaurants (don’t get it much over here in Wyoming) but not sure how I’d feel about edamame kit kats. Maybe one day I’ll try them.


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