Queen’s Pastel

Oh, Hey! I hope you are still out there. I am still here. Life happens and exploring happens too! I love exploring Japan when opportunity presents itself. Sometimes you just get to comfortable in this beautifully cold winter and you tend to not roam outside the gates to much. We thought it was high time we headed beyond those gates and see what was out there. There was snow, of course! They don’t plow the roads out in town so that can spell danger after a fresh snow but we headed out when the roads were sloshy.

We decided to go to the 2 malls out in Hachinohe. As we traveled farther away from base, there was less & less snow to be seen which was odd to us since we were getting closer to the mountains. There was a nice chill in the air. Driving is slow here, to slow for my American liking. I am not saying I or we are speed demons at all as I HATE speeding but travel is much slower here.

We ended up at several stores, one very important one, which will be talked about another day, in another post. However, in this post I will talk about one of my most favorite stores I’ve found thus far…Queen’s Pastel. I’ve briefly mentioned it in a post before, months ago, the first time we went. Daniel bought me a few Christmas gifts from there. I really love this store. It is super girly with huge French influence, something common here in Japan, not so much the girly part as much as lot’s of French influence.

A big thing here is growing your own plants/flowers/food, in pots of all shapes and sizes. The first time I went I fell in love with all the mini pots and how “fun” they are. So, while there today, I indulged in buying myself 3 different little pot’s of plants. I can not wait to start watering them and enjoy them.

We also ended up at Toys R Us, my first time there. Reminds me of anyone in the USA but a bit cooler with tons of stuff you will never see or find stateside. We ended our day out at Universe looking for some yummy Japanese Italian Bread, yeah…figure that one out!

Here is what I purchased from Queen’s Pastel:

This Is The Cutest Potted Potato Plant!

All I Know Is It Is A “Little Garden”.

This Is A Cute Thingy That Looks To Be A Pig & When You Water It, It Will Grow Grass Hair,lol!


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