Christmas Craft: Fireplace

A few weeks ago Daniel decided to make his “fireplace” for the Christmas season. If you were reading my blog the last few years, he made one a while ago, back when we were living in Florida. A smaller one though. Both were 3D too.

I was really thrilled with this one, it is nice and big!! I love watching him create anything, it is fun. There was no room for our moving Santa near the Christmas tree this year so he is hanging out near our fireplace.

Unfortunately there was no place to “hang” our stockings on this fireplace but I do like our stand and I love it near the fireplace.

My sister, for years has been making fake fireplaces, ones that are flat up against the wall but very detailed and nice, those are great for spaces that you don’t have the room to do a 3D one! So, do you or have you in the past, made a fireplace? Do you have a real one in your home?

Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Craft: Fireplace

  1. Sarah Simpson

    I made a wood mantle and surround last year and stood it on some bricks for a “hearth” I sold it this year and intend to make a BIGGER one when we get to Italy. :)

  2. parsnip

    I will send you one of mine I have 5 fireplaces…. what a hoot.
    We don’t hang our stocking on them…. the bedroom doorknobs are the way to go. Adds to the decorations and always lots of fun for my children to check out before coming out for Christmas morning. They have always said that was one of their most favorite moments, spreading the treats out on the bed and looking through what was there. I just put some fun little things in there but always a orange in the toe of the stocking. A traditions from my Mum.
    Growing up in Tucson Arizona, a fireplace was not important to us… that is what people need in the colder places. So we never missed not having one. Hey we had nice weather, sunshine and blue skies !

    Hope your having your “White Christmas”
    cheers, parsnip


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