25 Days Till Christmas!!!

December is finally here!! Our house is in full Christmas “gear”, lights & garland everywhere in the house! We also have a “fire place” Daniel made, very cool! Yes, pictures are to come. It’s been a stressful week, beyond words I could find to describe it. Life & everything we do is not promised to us, here today gone tomorrow! Let us be so thankful for what we have and what we can give this Christmas season.

Tonight we will be adding the finishing touches on our majestic Christmas tree by stringing popcorn and the ever popular tinsel! Since it is the 1st of December, our tradition for the month of December starts tonight too. The Muppets, The Gift Of The Magi! It is our Advent Calendar. It really is a cute story about thinking of others this Christmas season!

Ahhh, the outside of our apartment is decked out for Christmas too! We love decorating this time of year and I am glad we have a balcony to do so here. Lot’s of Christmas lights & our blow-up Santa for all to see! It looks so magical at night time, our whole house does! I love the magic & wonder of Christmas, Don’t you?

Pretty much all online Christmas shopping is done for us. It pretty much HAS to be since it can take so much time getting here. I love giving presents to those I love! I got Daniel some really nice things I think this year. I have a confession, I did order one last present for him today, not sure why it was not the first thing I ordered for him. I went back and forth on it and I figured it should still have time to get here for Christmas! I hope he will love it as much as I think he will!

It has been a quiet day here for me in Misawa. Not feeling to good with a headache but been working on some projects. Specifically, a Christmas Card holder! So if family & friends send us Christmas cards, we don’t have to tack them into the wall, they will be displayed on a beautiful hanging holder! Painted several coats on it today. I need a little help from Daniel, so I think it will be finished by the weekend.

Our Christmas party…well it is now being called “holiday” party but I don’t give a rats ass about being PC. It is a Christmas party,lol. It is tomorrow. For some reason I never look forward to them and I seem to be no different this year. Not sure why I don’t like to go aside from how boring they usually are.

It has been snowing off and on today which has helped put me in a good mood but sadly, none of it has stuck, but it sure is pretty to watch through are huge balcony windows! How is Christmas coming along for all of you out there?


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