Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

In our 26 days living in Misawa, we have found out that if you want to buy something, especially at the BX, buy it when you see it because the next time you come it most likely wont be there anymore. Even if you come back an hour later, odds are it is sold already!

Since day 1 we have been looking for bikes. I’m honestly not sure on any given day how many they have or how many different choices there might be, for men or women. I was wanting a bike with a basket on the front & back. I’ve not seen one that I’ve really wanted just yet & I might have to just order online.

When we first moved here, there were many grills. We were living at the hotel, so we were not about to buy a grill before we had the house. Well, all of a sudden the grills were gone, only one $400 one available. We’ve gone in almost daily, hoping they had got more in. No luck until yesterday. We went later in the evening. They were gearing up for the 4th of July sale.

I figured of we did not find one now, it might be end of summer before they have enough stock. We got lucky. They had 2 grills in the price range we were willing to spend. We snatched it up. No waiting, anymore. If I want or need something, I will buy it then and there!

We now have the grill but no propane…YUP. They ran out of tanks, no tanks, no propane. So we have a shiny new grill out on our balcony but we can not use it. Go figure. So the daily search for bikes and propane is on. The BX has been out of so much stuff, including pillows!

Today we went back to the BX, the grill we bought was going on sale today, so to get the price adjusted we had to go in and it ended up being a little bit of a pain for 10 bucks, but money is money. Still no propane. They have been out of microwaves too, so we check every once in a while, as they said maybe by July 10th.

Luckily they had 3 in. We snatched it up. If not it could have been a long while till we saw them again and we have learned…Here today, gone tomorrow. We are now also on the search for blackout curtains. We went out in town to buy them and they are SUPER expensive. I just tried to buy some off of JC Penny only to find the ones we want are out of stock, of course. Amazon, I have to look deeper as reading reviews, people are saying most of the blackout curtains are not actually blackouts. Since the sun starts rising at 3:30am we NEED blackout curtains, so the search goes on.

Things were quiet today, no earthquakes. I always expect them but glad when a day goes by with nothing. Exercises on base are now over too, so sirens are not going off 24/7, so things in general are a bit quieter on base. If only I could sleep! I can’t wait for our stuff to get here, any week now and home should really feel like our home!


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