Vikings Restaurant, Misawa Japan

We’ve been looking forward to tonight, all week. Why? Well because it was a night to go out into town and try another Japanese restaurant. We are only trying to go out to eat once a week now, plus we love cooking at home.

We picked our friend Snow up and headed to Vikings. We’ve heard many opinions on this place, some good, some bad, some terrible. To each his or her own and we are new here, and willing to try everything.

For dinner, it is ¥ 1.530 per adult. It is all you can eat for 90 minutes. Yup, 1.5 hours. You can tell they cater to Americans. They have American seating as well as Japanese seating. Most Americans prefer sitting at a table & chairs, although there really was a mix sitting Japanese style.

You grab 2 plates, one for the raw meat, the other for when the meat is cooked. All raw meats are refrigerated and you use tongs to pick up the raw meats, then go back to you table. They have other things you can eat, already cook or sushi. Daniel had some duck on sushi and I will tell you I actually tried the duck and it was not to bad, a bit salty for my liking though.

Then you start “grilling” your meat, to how you like it. I picked chicken and a beef with sauce of sorts. I will tell you I was less than impressed with the quality of the chicken, extremely fatty, so I chose not to eat the chicken. Instead I cooked my beef, till it was nice and starting to char. It smelt so freaking good!

It was so yummy! Not sure what sauce they used on the beef, soy based of course but it was so perfect. We talked, cooked our food and ate! They also have desserts if you like after you eat. They have soft serve ice cream or they have cakes & jello type items to choose from as well. If your not sure what I had, I had cake. Not just 1 piece either but two. They both looked so yummy & I could not choose.

Vikings may not be for everyone but if you come to Misawa, try it! Now I will share pictures from our evening!

Here Is The Front Of Vikings, Sorry For The Cars In The Shot But It Was Busy There!

Another Sign For Vikings!

Here Is The “Grill” In The Middle Of Your Table To Cook Your Food On.

Here Was My Raw Meat, Mind You I Did Not Eat The Chicken, Daniel Did.

Our Food Cooking! It All Smelled So Yummy 🙂

My Yummy Cakes! My Favorite Was The One With The White Frosting In The Layers!

Incase you ever have trouble finding Vikings, look for this cat with huge balls. The most interesting find of the evening, hands down. I’ve heard people talk about it but it’s funy to see yourself. We then headed back home.

Snow mentioned getting ice cream from a Turkish food cart, right outside base. At first we said no but then we changed our mind. Daniel and I both ended up getting ice cream. Daniel got blueberry ice cream and I got some sort of cookie ice cream. Ummmm, heaven! He uses some sort of “cartridge” and out comes the ice cream you wanted, soft and so yummy!

If you would like to try it out, go out Main gate and there is a little road on the right hand side, where the internet cafe is and he is right there. The “truck” has “Belly Belly” written on it. He has all kinds of good stuff, check him out. We ended up sitting and having Turkish tea, which I LOVED & we talked for a nice long while. It was a perfect ending to a great night!


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