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Student Success Act

 Yesterday, Governor Rick Scott signed into law the “Teacher Merit Bill”, better known as the Student Success Act. He chose to sign it here in Jacksonville at one of the KIPP schools. There has been much talk about this and schools & teachers in general. I recently watch a compelling documentary on the subject called “Waiting For Superman“, I encourage everyone to watch it.

After watching this documentary and researching, I have come to totally agree with the Student Success Act. Most people get paid for their performance and if you are not up to par, your boss will usually find someone else whom is. Granted this is not the norm for all jobs but should be for most.

The teaching of our children should be at a higher cost and I don’t believe that all teachers are created equal. Growing up and attending public schools & private, I can tell you what teachers impacted me and which ones were there to just make a buck.

I don’t believe that just because you have a degree, means that you are qualified to do something. Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher and I believe that teachers are part of the problem in our schools. It’s not just parents or children, it’s time teachers be called out too!

Shouldn’t teachers have incentives to want to do better? Being a teacher is NOT like every other job and therefor should not be paid as so. No one is perfect, I know that and teachers are not perfect and this law will not make them perfect either but it should make them strive to be a better teacher, to mold the children that are our future.

Some teachers do slack off and with tenure, what do they have to worry about? Nothing…there job is safe at that point. You can not tell me that a teacher that has made tenure will not slack off at all. We are all human. I believe it is time we updated our laws and rules governing them.

I think it is BS when teachers cry out about the fact that they feel like a day care provider. No, you are a teacher. You are not a babysitter either. You make your job what it is. Children are sent to school to learn, to grow, to move onto higher education. Teachers say they care and want what is best for their students but I don’t always buy that, especially when there is much frustration that teachers face every day. Children are not perfect, they are just that, children.

I am very interested to see how this will change teaching in general. I wonder if it will really have any effect on students success rate in school, it has been proven in some schools already. I wonder if teachers will decide this is not for them anymore. I guess in time we will see the benefits or the consequences.

What are your thoughts on the Student Success Act (SB 736)?



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