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Stormy – The Social Frog


Today we headed out to St. Augustine for some fun in the sun…errr…well it was sunny at first, then the odd storms moved in. We had the sun long enough to get terribly burned. FYI, I had 90 SPF on my face and I might as well have used none.

The waves were amazing at the beach, more than normal and quite the work out to just keep standing up. I drank to much salt water and could barely see due to burnings eyes but it was tons of fun. My brother Jacob has never been here before and of course the storms had to move in, it rained, then it poured and everything got soaked.

One wave got me so good, it knocked me over and under the water and dragged me across sharp broken shells and I ended up with cuts and scrapes, fun!

After the rain and thunder & lightning got bad enough we decided to head back home. We decided to go out for a nice dinner and so we took the boys to Kan-Ki Japanese Steakhouse, neither of them have ever experienced it before.

They really enjoyed the “show”, and the food was yummy! After dinner it was time for a sweat treat, so we headed over to Dairy Queen, a great ending to the day. I am exhausted and they are watching movies. I am really glad to have my brothers here. I hope the time goes by slowly! Tomorrow is the Luau.


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