A Quest, A Space Shuttle & Gourmet Pizza

Tonight would have been THE night to have my camera on me. We headed out after Daniel got home from work. I have been wanting to play EverQuest ll again and I wanted the expansion. Problem is, it’s not exactly easy to find that expansion around here.

It seems whenever I want something, usually a game, we have to drive all over to find it. It’s also Sunday so most stores closed early, a little earlier than we thought at a few of those places.

So we headed out to one of the GameStops that said they were carrying it, well they closed at 6pm, so no luck there. We then headed out to River City Market Place, to the Best Buy there, another spot that said they had the expansion.

Just as we were getting there, I looked out the window, up at the sky and I yelled with excitement “There’s The Space Shuttle Discovery”! It was so cool, it had just hit where you could see it in the sky. Then it slowly went higher & higher till you could not see it with your eyes anymore.

It was very cool & exciting, not planned.

We tried Wal*Mart to see if by chance they had the expansion, but no they did not. So it was way past dinner time and we needed to eat, we decided to eat out. We drive around the area a little and took note of the restaurants. No, No and more No as we drive by one after the other.

Then we noticed “Boston’s”. I have never heard of it. It is gourmet pizza and of course other stuff like burgers and stuff. I thought we should check it out, I am glad we did. I got a personal double cheese pizza & Daniel got a mushroom burger.

They brought our food out, they messed up his order and it was another 5-10 minutes till his was ready. Daniel told me to eat so my pizza would not get cold. It was amazing, really. Very good pizza! I was impressed actually and happy that I was not disappointed.

The service was great, it is a very clean restaurant. We both enjoyed our meals. I would go back if it was closer to our home, but it’s out near the Jacksonville Airport.


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