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Hurry Up….And Wait!

Sorry it’s been a little while since my last blog post. It has been kind of slow going here. The Tanabata Festival was this past weekend but we were not able to attend due to Daniel having duty. It was exactly the same as last year though, so we did not miss out on a thing, so it’s all good.

The heat is here, making the everyday nasty as hell. Doing anything is a joke too unless you are sitting and not moving or if you find someplace to go that has AC. Last night we did just that. We had dinner out in town due to them having AC and then we went and bought me a Japanese fan to stick my face in front of,lol.

If you are in the military, the Navy you are most likely familiar with the saying “Hurry Up & Wait”. It is something that ALWAYS happens, especially when you are the military person going somewhere or awaiting some information.

I have not talked about it much, actually I do not talk about our military life much in general but months ago Daniel took the Chief’s exam, we found out a while ago he was bored selected and that my friends was an awesome feeling! Many take the test and few get bored selected, so that happening in itself brought about much joy!

Now it is the last day of July, heading into August and we are awaiting the CPO (Chief Petty Officer’s) results. It’s like 2 weeks of “Did he make it or not”! You can not help but torture yourself, checking for any information at all ungodly hours of the night, which is fine really because of the time difference, lol. We were really hoping for news last night but nothing.

So, tonight I will keep watch for any information that may come out while Daniel somehow sleeps with no issue. Well, it’s a good thing he is sleeping well as if he does get selected the next 6 weeks of his life will be insane and lacking of sleep. The excitement is almost to much!

If anyone else out there is waiting for the results, Good Luck To You!!!


Summer In Misawa

It is now what I would say is “officially” summer here in Misawa. When the temps reach the 90’s two days in a row and you want it to be over ASAP! If you remember last summer, it was MISERABLE here. I can only say, it is like living in Florida but without AC to cool you off.

Thankfully these nasty temps above 80 should only last a few weeks and then thankfully summer will be gone :) Can you tell I am longing for fall & winter??? I am dreaming of seeing that first snowflake of the season!

Last year I did not want to do anything in this heat and I imagine I will feel the same way over the next few weeks. The key is to not let it stop you though, you just have to keep in mind, you will NOT be smexy anywhere you go at any time. Maybe for a few minutes, then you will melt.

I’d love to go camping, I think you would swelter to death though in a tent. What do you think?? My favorite kind of camping is beach camping and have not done it in forever. A friend of mine is talking about it and of course it would be fun.

Swimming in the lakes/rivers/streams/oceans are not going to be happening for us. We decided before we moved here that it is just not something we are interested in. If you are curious why, shoot me an email by going to Contact Me and I will mail you back :) There is an indoor pool here on base but to many people use it and did I already mention it is indoors, no AC…yeah…no.

Sorry, so many negative things but really this country is beautiful no matter what time of the year, each season has it’s wonderful points and summer is the only time I really have negative things to say, but that’s just me, my body and what I like, don’t like.

Yesterday we went bowling. It was closed all last summer when we first got here, so we had no idea it has AC. Yeah, we might be living in there for the rest of the summer! While it was still warmish it was much cooler than our home or outside! We had fun! Bowled 3 games and I played the best I’ve had in a long time!

It is hard to believe that July is half over already! The time is just flowing by! This is good though. There might be a lot going on for us soon, keep tuned in and I’ll let you know as things happen!

How is your summer going??


Laws For Mental Health Rights

I am completely horrified at the news story I read yesterday about an Illinois motherPOS who just dropped off her daughter at a bar and left her, refusing to come back and get her, refusing to take care of her any more, her mentally ill and disabled daughter!!

Who does this?? I mean abuse and throwing away ones child is common place in this fucked up world we live in, so I should not be surprised or upset about this at all. Mentally and disabled children have an even tougher life to get through, yet you can easily walk away from them when they come of age.

This poor girl has no legal guardian. What sucks even more is that her POS mother has another mentally disabled child at home, she says she can not take care of both of them, so one had to go. Are you KIDDING me??

She should not be allowed to walk away like that and claim no responsibility to her own flesh and blood anymore. The state should hold her accountable for her actions and also remove the other child from the home. What will she do when the 2nd one gets to be too much, maybe kill her???

I realize the daughter she threw on the curb is 19, so not a child as far as age goes but she IS a child in every way. I can not imagine ever being abandoned by anyone, let alone my mother…the one person who was steady in my life.

The POS is Eva Cameron, from Algonquin, Ill. The daughter she got rid of is Lynn. Sadly Lynn will most likely now live out her days in a facility of sorts, which is much better than nothing but an incredibly sad life to live. Maybe it is for the best, who knows how the POS treated her these last 19 years.


Non-Traditional Holidays

I hope everyone had a nice & safe 4th Of July in the United States and all over the world!

For us it was yet again one of those non-traditional holidays here in a foreign country. One of those holidays where you really wish for something “normal” and what you are used to enjoying.

One of the most simple and most pleasurable things for me on ANY 4th Of July are fireworks. It is NOT the 4th of July without them honestly. Sadly, last year and this year the base did not give us any, at all.

Last year we had the “Freedom Fest” down at base beach and this year they did “Misawa State Fair”. They really missed the mark with this years stuff for sure. I honestly did not want to go, had ZERO desire, especially knowing there would be no fireworks to end the night.

There honestly was nothing else to do since the base pretty much “closes” down, meaning almost everything is closed, including the bowling alley! So off we went. I was surprised to see as many people there as there were but then of course nothing else was open or going on.

I did not even take my camera, that is about how separated I was from this event. I do not regret not taking it with me. There were lot’s, actually tons of food vendors and game booths set up. Fun for kids, that’s for sure.

Our friends had a booth there, a very nice couple we are getting to know more and more recently! We ended up hanging out which really made the day much more enjoyable for me as I got to chat with my friend, our husbands walked off when they wanted too and got us drinks and stuff when we needed them :)

We were there till after 6pm and then decided it was time to call it quits. We headed home, had some dinner and then got some stuff to make Margarita’s at home while we played some Kinect games on the 360.

Very non-traditional and not exactly what I wanted but in the end it was alright.