Daily Archives: January 15, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different…

Okay maybe something not too different. What can I say. Snow IS the thing around Misawa right now. I tried getting this up yesterday when I actually took the pictures but of course YouTube always gives me some sort of issue and even more so now with my new iMac. So it has now snowing for almost 2 days straight. That’s right…2 days. It is amazing! So beautiful. Branches are so heavy with snow. We did not imagine the storm would end up being this big but we welcome it.

So we drove over to the North Side of the base so I could take some different pictures rather than my normal right out the window ones. We went to a few of our favorite spots here. One being the sledding/ski hill. You see the lodge in a few of the pictures. Another was where the golf range is. It overlooks the lake here on base. 

Driving there yesterday was a little slippery and I know it is down right dangerous today, so we won’t be heading that way today. We had plans to go out in town. However, they don’t plow the roads and there are several feet of snow on the ground and the promise of more to come. Not happening today. We will be going to the commissary though, I need a few things.

Today has been a very lazy day. I need to change my blog around and get rid of the whole Christmas thing. As much as I love Christmas we are now half way through January! Time is flying. Hard to believe we’ve been here for just about 8 months… How is the weather in your neck of the woods?