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My Birthday

It was my 33rd Birthday this past Friday, the 25th of May! The week leading up to my birthday was not the best, I have to wonder if getting older was what was bothering me…who knows. I normally never take issue with my age, so it’s possible it was not that! My husband knows how much I enjoy birthdays, mine or anyone else’s and he gave me a wonderful day!

I was up bright & early because I never like to sleep my birthday away. Hubby brought me home a special breakfast treat, a Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll and a nice hot coffee. I’ve only ever eaten at Cinnabon once in my life before. Hubby had some last minute things to do and I enjoyed my morning talking to my family.

We visited the Japanese McDonalds for lunch. We never really went there in the states but it was my birthday and it is so much more tastier here than in the states, for whatever reason. We headed home and it was time to open presents! I got things I wanted that included the new Star Wars Xbox 360 edition, games, a Bonsai tree.

We also watched a movie, the one I picked out was “The Woman In Black”, if you’ve not seen it, you should. If you are not a fan of thrillers or horror type stuff, don’t bother as you would not appreciate it. We tried to go out to dinner to one of my favorite Yakiniku places, Vikings but sadly they were packed, it was a Friday though.

After opening gifts we set up my Xbox 360 & we played games together with the Kinect for hours, it was so much fun! I absolutely love the Kinect, so much better than the Wii as you don’t have to hold anything, much more freeing. I ended the night with too much ice cream cake. It really was a wonderful, nice day!

Here are some pictures from my day! You will not that my cake says 23 years old, inside joke. I am of course really, honestly 33. Many of these pictures were posted on Twitter and some on my Facebook by way of Instagram. Do you Instagram?? I love it! Find me there with the username: thesocialfrog.



Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy 35th Birthday To The Love Of My Life!

Our very first run-in with the Kinect was at a Best Buy in the United States, well before we moved here to Japan. Daniel instantly loved it, I was not fully sold on it, although it looked fun. Fast forward to April, the Star Wars bundle comes out with the Kinect and I knew I’d be getting it for him.

So today was a happy day filled with some gaming. The Kinect is cool, can not deny it and got to play with it a little myself this evening. He also got several other games to enjoy on it. It was a nice day filled with some “have-to-do’s” but it was a wonderful day with my love! Happy Birthday Baby!


Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
Happy Birthday To You! I wish I was home to celebrate your birthday with you, we could go out for lunch or do something. I am sad I can not spend the day with you. Please know how much I love you and miss you, always but especially on very special days such as your birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by those you love! 

I Love You So Much,



Celebrate With Me!

Happy Birthday To Me!! Today I kinda am celebrating my 32nd year of life. I say kind of because it’s not fun getting older, okay..maybe it’s okay as long as I get a gift or two :) Daniel, my love, got me a 32 gig iPod Touch, the latest generation! I love that it has a camera.

Last year for his birthday I got him an iPod Touch and I decided I liked it but I had already gotten the iPad for my birthday present. So I was super excited and did not expect it when he gave it to me.

This year it is not a typical birthday for me. As everyone must know by now we are moving to Japan and we leave on Saturday and we are homeless, meaning no home but living in a hotel, with 3 dogs…its cramped.

Another big gift for me today was my dad and my brother Joshua flying into Jacksonville to see us, spend a few days with us. Then they will take our car and take our Bailey home with them to Maine, while we move around the world.

It is so nice to see my daddy! I wish mom could have come too. It’s nice to see my brother Josh too, every time I see him, he is taller and hairier,lol. Life Is Good!! Tonight dad is taking (us) me out for a birthday dinner. I have chosen to go to the Olive Garden, a place Daniel & I love to go!

I just took a short walk to the lobby of the hotel to get a cold lemonade and I checked in on dad & Josh, they are passed out! I figured since they have been up since 4am. I was going to wake them but decided it’s okay. Daniel is also napping. We have not slept well since the movers came, so I expect him to be tired.

Later in the evening we will head to the pool and relax and talk. Have I mentioned that Life Is Good?



It was a very good year! Only because I was born of course. Today is my birthday. Due to working and other things we did not get to celebrate today but will in the next few days.

~Happy Birthday Me,hehe~


There’s An App For That

My birthday is not till the end of this month but hubby decided to get me my present early! As you can see it is Apple’s new iPad.

I am in love with it, just kidding but I really, really like it a lot. I have had it for a few days now, since Friday late evening. It was very easy to set up, was not confusing but it took forever to download iTunes.

I am pretty sure most people already have/use iTunes, me..not so much. Now I know my way around it bit and am only using for Apps anyway.

Speaking of Apps, there are tons of them. A pretty good selection of them are free, however most are for a small fee. I bought a gift card to use because if I decide to buy an App here and there, I do not want tons of small charges on my credit card. So far I have not bought any Apps yet, still looking through the free ones. I am sure I will soon find ones I want to buy.

I have found it hard to find to many things about the iPad that I don’t like. It is far easier to state things I like. In saying that, I do have 2 small issues with the iPad.

Finger Prints! Terrible and it does end up looking pretty nasty, reguardless of how many times you wash your hands, it’s going to happen. So I bought a special lint free cloth and it takes care of that easily.
Flash Not Supported! As much as this does not surprise me, it still stinks and I wonder, if anything what Apple will do about this. I think we should have flash. No matter it will not stop me from using my iPad.
The battery life seems to be alright thus far, it all depends on what you are doing, the brightness of the screen, ect. It’s a great little toy and very useful but as most things, it does not do everything, so it wont take over any of your electronics but it’s still great.

I ordered a screen protector for it as I do not want scratches and such, should be here in a few days. I will not be so worried about things once I have it on, the method of adhering the screen protector scares me a bit though, you have to use liquid stuff. Hubby said he’d put it on.

Do you have an iPad? What Apps do you use? Your favorites? Ones to stay away from?