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Personal Responsibility

How about we discuss a little personal responsibility. I would like to openly talk about my thoughts and feelings on Paula Deen. What is incredibly sad here is that she is being crucified for keeping her medical information private. Okay, so YES, Paula has been making high fat, high sugar foods for years & America has been gobbling it up. Here is where personal responsibility comes in folks; Paula owes no one an explanation and certainly no apologies…WHY? Well because no one is forced to cook or bake anything she makes. No one forces you to sit there, watch her show & jot down her recipes.

You can sit there and blame her for what ever you’d like but the truth is you are responsible for what you place in your own mouth. I have been shocked at all the comments left for her in all the stories about her plastered all over the internet. I find it odd that so many diabetics are lashing out at her for continuing to make the foods she does. If you are diabetic then you darn well know you should not be eating that kind of food & if you do, very little of it. I would imagine those who suffer and have been through the diagnosis would be less judgmental. I do not believe that she has to stop cooking & baking the way she does. Maybe she does not eat but a taste of it these days. 

I’d like to know why any of you out there think it is your right to know any of her personal medical history? Just because she has diabetes does not mean she has to be all out in the public making tons of noise about it. Not everyone has the desire to bring awareness to it and she should never be berated for keeping it to herself. Yes, she is a big part of Novo Nordisk’s new online program “Diabetes In A New Light“, where she is creating diabetic safe recipes and she does take their medicine. Why does this upset people so? Is it because she is creating diabetic safe recipes for diabetics while still making high sugar/fat foods on TV? What is it any of your business? Just because you cook and bake unhealthy stuff, does not mean you, yourself are eating it. I am sure in these 3 years she has made many changes in her life, none of which she owes you an explanation.

There are many reasons and things that factor in why people get diabetes. Even if she is responsible for where she is right now in her life, does not make her a horrible person, it does not mean she needs to quit her show and from now on only make diabetic safe stuff, NO…it just means that she too has to take personal responsibility and change for herself, not for anyone or anything else. People are incredibly judgmental and it is ridiculose how people are talking about her. Again, why do you think she kept her private medical information to herself? She knew that all of you out there would crucify her. Yeah, saying that she has “hid” her diabetes is crazy too. She has not been hiding it as it is private information. Now please, get off your high horses.


Not So Perfect

Today has just been one of those less than perfect days for me. I’m feeling a little down too, could just be some of that after Christmas blues. Everything went from high strung all kinds of stuff going on to..well, not much. I have plenty to do & keep me busy, that’s not it. Pin pointing what exactly is bothering me is the question. I try to not bother figuring it out anymore,lol. It is life, we all have ups & downs. 

A huge disappointment for me today was with my baking. I am a bit critical of myself and expect nothing less than perfect, honestly. I strive to make everything look and taste wonderful. Of course with trying a new recipe, there is bound to be failure, although I don’t expect that. This may sound trivial to some & I guess I don’t really expect you to understand but I guess I am just venting a little.

It was a frosting, of all things, it went wrong, really wrong and I’ve made hundreds of batches of various frostings. However, in saying that…I’ve never tried a coffee buttercream frosting. Thought about it for years but never commited. It was a bust and to say I was disappointed is an understatment. Maybe I am just tired and need to start fresh tomorrow with a different recipe and continue to search for a better coffee buttercream frosting. So, I threw it all away, mini cupcakes and all. I should have not bothered putting the frosting on the cupcakes, but I did.

Have you had any mishaps or anything bring you down just a bit these last few days? No ones life is perfect, so share!


Things I’m Fed Up With

I guess this could be considered a ranting post of sorts. Most of the time I don’t let things get to me or I find other ways of doing whatever it is or find some sort of fix but sometimes things don’t work that way and are out of my control & this my friends…annoys me to no end!

Some of the things are not even a big deal when it comes to the big picture in life but little things put together add up to a big thing over time. I know there are much more serious things happening in people lives but these things effect me and sometimes I do sweat the small stuff.

One of the “lesser” things is something I ordered way at the beginning of the month, I am aware it can take weeks and quite possibly months for me to get stuff, it is part of living overseas. It is something I have been really looking forward to getting and it has been taken forever.

One of the big, no…HUGE things that I am fed up with is how some things are run on this base, especially when it comes to Home Based Businesses. It is not like in the states and not something I’ve delt with at any other base. Licensing. Yup.

To be able to run a home based business here, it has to go through many people and get signatures and until that happens you can not advertise or sell anything, at all. The real issue is that it is taking months for people to get approved. I filled out my paperwork the first week of August and here it is almost November and NOTHING.

I am loosing out on potential profit and something to help keep me busy around here. It pisses me off really. I’ve also decided I might have rather done a different home based business or add a 2nd one but I am pretty sure they would not allow me to have two and as long as this first one is taking, I might never get approved for the 2nd one. UGH.

Some people have been waiting 8 months. It’s kind of a downer since it is not exactly “easy” to get a job here and we can not work off base. It’s just getting to me, coupled with a few other issues here and I guess I just needed to vent a little.

Did I mention all the rules of being able to operate your home based business here. It is ridiculous honestly. I understand some things like not being able to use the base post office but it stinks when you are in a foreign country. Also, you can not purchase any supplies you may need or use for your business here on base, you have to buy online or find in a Japanese store off base, this is not easy depending on what your business is. I do not agree with this, at all.

One reason I do not agree with that is because, of this example: Over the summer at the air show, they needed people to bake cakes, boxed cakes to sell to the Japanese public, as they love them. So in this instance, since YOU the baker would not be making a buck but would be spending your own money to buy the cakes and supplies, could use the store(s) here on base, as long as the base was making money but I am not allowed to do so if I have a home based business trying to make myself a little money. There is nothing fair in that at all. Just saying!

I am sure I will get over it all, over time and it’s only 3 years. Do I sound annoyed? Because I really am. End of rant…………………..


Enfeebled & Below Par

 It all started yesterday, when I woke up. My throat felt a little sore, nothing to terrible and I was hoping it was nothing. I went to bed feeling alright, just HOT. I can not wait till we are done with summer, bring on the fall & cools temps please! This morning when I woke up, I knew it was going to be a not so very good day. My throat was miserable and I could not stop coughing. My chest felt like someone was sitting on it. I was hot, I was cold, I was clammy & sweaty. YUCK. I am sick :(. I guess it is better to be sick now then when the next festival comes around. The last time I had a nasty cold type thing was when we went on our cruise a couple years ago and we had been all in warm, temps, beautiful beaches but with AC on the ship. Not so much here, we have and use many fans. My point being was my worst colds have come in the summertime. It makes no sense to me really. At first I was sure I was having allergy issues, but I’m not so sure that is the case now. I was miserable all day long. No energy, no desire to eat but yes, I did drink, plenty of things. When hubby got home from school we went and got me some stuff, as you can see in the picture. I usually buy this stuff, see if it takes care of it, if not after several days, then I will make a doctors appointment. Not sure when I could get in for one around here, things are run so much differently. Dinner was a joke tonight. We did easy, pizza. I honestly did not care as my taste-buds are pretty much shot right now, only a few things I can still actually taste. I ended up eating 2 cheese sticks and it exhausted me. I kid you not, it wore me out to cut and eat those two sticks. All I wanted to do after that was sleep. We were watching a movie with dinner. I climbed onto our love-seat & fell asleep. Now I am wide awake but still miserable. Breathing through my mouth sucks, it makes me cough, so does talking so I am try not to do either things. I hope this does not last long. I should and I stress “should” sleep well with some Nyquil tonight, we shall see!


TGIF? Not So For Many!

It really baffles me how so many adults can not make adult decisions, especially ones that will result in people getting their hard earned money or not. I’ve read one nauseating story after another about how this government shutdown is really going to hurt people, families.

We are a family that would be effected as we are military but thankfully we try to do a little planning, not necessarily for something like this but when you have something to bounce back onto, in times like this you can breath a little easier.

In saying that though many times over the years and even more recently we have lived paycheck to paycheck and it is rough & it’s just the two of us. Unforeseen things happen and that is a part of life. So what is one to do in a situation as this? I found it pretty amusing that some banks are willing to rush the process of you getting a credit card or loan…Really?

As unfortunate as either of these two options might be, I realize it might be a reality for some and it really upsets me. All of this and YOU going farther in debit because no one can agree on anything in our government, but they will all sleep comfortable tonight as their paychecks are safe and sound.

Navy Federal Credit Union has put out information on ways they will help you if you bank with them, one really big happy plus is this, taken right from their announcement page:  

“Navy Federal will cover the 15 April payroll for those active duty members who have their direct deposit of pay at the credit union. Details regarding subsequent adjustments concerning the 30 April pay will follow.”

For once I am happy I belong to a bank. So if you bank with them, you might also breath a little easier now too. Why is it that a BANK is more willing to help me than my own government? They stepped up and no once forced them to do such a thing.

Life must go on regardless of the outcome. Tonight we will heading out to enjoy a new season of baseball with the Jacksonville Suns and tomorrow evening, one last night at the Clay County Fair.

How will/would the government shutdown affect you & your family?


Cancer & Disease Clusters

I was reading another story somewhere about Camp Lejeune that made my skin crawl. I’ve read studies and researched this place a few times over the years and it makes me sick & angry too. In case you don’t know, it is a Marine Base and in the 80’s they found the base water contaminated with chemicals, finding this only after many people and children popped up with cancers of all kinds. HORRIBLE. It could have been prevented too.

I then got to thinking…have I lived somewhere where there are viable disease clusters? After doing a little more research I found this website, the NDCA. There is much to be found and explored on this site, take a look at it.

There is a nice little map of the US and markers to show you where all the clusters have been found, where there has been testing or reported by residents as places where high levels of cancer cases have shown up. You can even read the reports of each city listed HERE.

Why are we so careless with how we conduct our lives or businesses that people need to get sick and die from cancers and diseases due to us letting things become contaminated. Why do we not care about each other?

Don’t read to many of the reports in one sitting, it is sad, very sad. One thing that really struck me as disgusting is that the reports and testing that were done out at Camp Lejeune in the very early 80’s found the water wells highly contaminated, yet they did not shut these wells down that people were STILL drinking from until late 1985. There is so much wrong with this….

Things need to be done, I am not sure exactly what but people need to speak out in their communities. People need to pay attention to where they are moving their families to and what plants are around their communities. If you chose to live near or around a cluster, research. HERE is a list of some great resources with information, things we can do & people to contact to try to rid our communities of these clusters and make people aware that they do exist.


Student Success Act

 Yesterday, Governor Rick Scott signed into law the “Teacher Merit Bill”, better known as the Student Success Act. He chose to sign it here in Jacksonville at one of the KIPP schools. There has been much talk about this and schools & teachers in general. I recently watch a compelling documentary on the subject called “Waiting For Superman“, I encourage everyone to watch it.

After watching this documentary and researching, I have come to totally agree with the Student Success Act. Most people get paid for their performance and if you are not up to par, your boss will usually find someone else whom is. Granted this is not the norm for all jobs but should be for most.

The teaching of our children should be at a higher cost and I don’t believe that all teachers are created equal. Growing up and attending public schools & private, I can tell you what teachers impacted me and which ones were there to just make a buck.

I don’t believe that just because you have a degree, means that you are qualified to do something. Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher and I believe that teachers are part of the problem in our schools. It’s not just parents or children, it’s time teachers be called out too!

Shouldn’t teachers have incentives to want to do better? Being a teacher is NOT like every other job and therefor should not be paid as so. No one is perfect, I know that and teachers are not perfect and this law will not make them perfect either but it should make them strive to be a better teacher, to mold the children that are our future.

Some teachers do slack off and with tenure, what do they have to worry about? Nothing…there job is safe at that point. You can not tell me that a teacher that has made tenure will not slack off at all. We are all human. I believe it is time we updated our laws and rules governing them.

I think it is BS when teachers cry out about the fact that they feel like a day care provider. No, you are a teacher. You are not a babysitter either. You make your job what it is. Children are sent to school to learn, to grow, to move onto higher education. Teachers say they care and want what is best for their students but I don’t always buy that, especially when there is much frustration that teachers face every day. Children are not perfect, they are just that, children.

I am very interested to see how this will change teaching in general. I wonder if it will really have any effect on students success rate in school, it has been proven in some schools already. I wonder if teachers will decide this is not for them anymore. I guess in time we will see the benefits or the consequences.

What are your thoughts on the Student Success Act (SB 736)?



It All Works Out

We planned on getting out, this was our last 3 years in the Navy. It was time to try something different, new, and as it was scary it was going to work. I was ready to settle down and finally throw some more roots around our family. It felt right…at the time.

Of course deep down you know when something could be right but maybe is not the best choice. This was one of those times. The job & income are pretty stable and with the way the economy was, it only made more sense to stay in for at least another 3 years. I convinced myself over a few months time that this was the right choice.

The next thing I am realizing is that we had 3 dogs. Yeah, since we were going to be getting out, there was no need to worry about having 3 pets when all bases only let you have a max of two. So we figured we could always work out the 3rd dog being out of the military, with our own house.

So when we decided we were going to reenlist for another 3, worry spread across me, my mind started going ” You are only allowed 2 dogs on any base, if you live in housing, Ummmm most people don’t like pets when you try to rent a home”,blah,blah,blah. We would make something work.

Of course living in the states would make things a bit easier, we had many ideas as to how we could work around 3 and became less worried. Hubby was being looked at for a job in Texas, for months we kind of counted on this place and it being our new “home”. After months, it fell through. My mind started ticking.

I all of a sudden had a strong desire to want to go somewhere overseas, there was no where we really wanted available state side. We had talked about it once a very long time ago but I was not very open to it at the time, so it faded away. The more I thought about it, the more obsessed I became with the idea of living overseas.

But we have 3 dogs…Living overseas would make it impossible to have all 3 with us. Then the idea was shot down of moving overseas. We both refused to ever “get-rid-of” one of them. All 3 were now a huge part of our family. The nagging desire to move overseas did not go away. I talked to hubby about it all the time and he said it would most likely not happen.

One thing led to another and I think it was meant to happen. You can roll your eyes but I do believe some things in life happen for a reason. Next thing I know we do get orders, and to one of our choices, Japan. A really far away, new, exciting place to live. Immediately my heart sank. A while went by before we had thoughts and it is not easy to decide what to do with one.

I thank God that I have family who supports us and our choices, even though they might not like them or think they are the best. So my family said they would love and take care of our Bailey for us while we are in Japan for the next 3 years. I know some might say, it’s just a dog, an animal. Not in our family, in our family they are a part of our life, our every-day.

I am incredibly sad that one can not come with us but I know he will be so very happy with lots of family and kids and another dog to play with. I know things will be happy for him. It feels good to know he we will well taken care of and feel right at home. All of my family loves him, and he loves them.


Not This Week!

Well I’ve just been baking since 2:00pm and it is now 8:00pm and I have NOTHING to show  you for Baking With The Social Frog this week. The issue…my lovely Kodak camera. Mind you, we just used this camera on Monday at the Jaguar/Titans football game and it worked great. Crap!

So I was ready to take some pictures of my finished baked goods only to see a horribly messed up screen. Nothing I’ve done has fixed it or made it worse. So no pictures, no matter what.

I am not sure whats up but if you were around last October, I went to El Salvador to visit my hubby who was deployed…As I left the country some jack-hole decided to steal my camera, taking all my pictures of my visit with them too! Hmmmm, it is again October and now I am without a camera yet again.

I had to wait till Christmas for another camera last year and this friggen sucks because I am going to have to wait till Christmas again, so I am not sure when or if my weekly column will be back, at least for a while. I am not happy. I am angry,lol. I hate being without a camera, especially during the holidays!

No, I am actually pissed about this but I guess that’s life, so I will just sulk for a while and hope like crazy it will start working again. Although I have to admit is had been acting funny the last few months, especially when hubby would be using it. However, a digital camera should not last less than a year, especially when it was brand new when I bought it.

My very first digital camera which was a 3.5 mp lasted for 6 years before we upgraded. This one is over 14 mp and a Kodak, so I guess I expect it to last longer than 10 months. Ohhhh well, I hope to be back to my weekly baking post soon.



Moral Compassion

The crap I read week after week in the newspaper never seems to stop amazing me with how short we fall at being compassionate human beings. Are we the society that just looks away when someone is in need, especially if it is an emergency?!?

The latest human failure that has rattled me, is a story I READ about a woman in New Jersey who has asthma and was out and about without hers and in immediate need of one and headed to a nearby CVS to get a refill quick. I am not fully sure why she left home without hers, but this is not the point.

Her and her friend did not have enough money to purchase the refill even though the story states she was on the FLOOR wheezing and suffering. They were $1.99 short of the amount needed to purchase it. WTF!!

I do not know how the pharmacist could tell her that because she could not come up with $1.99 in what could turn into a really horrible, deadly outcome…that she could not have the medicine. $1.99 which ANYONE around her could have put forth to help her in her time of need!!! The pharmacist could have had a freaking heart and paid that measly $1.99.

This is disgusting. Shame on CVS, shame on anyone within earshot or eye-sight of this woman. Can someone really stand there and ignore her suffering, especially for $1.99? What the hell have we become! I really can not wrap my mind around the lack of compassion, the ability to not help some one in dire need.

I am really curious how CVS is going to respond to this. I want to know what was wrong with the pharmacist. I want to ask the pharmacist if a human life is not even worth $2.00?!? I just can not fathom no-one helping her. I hope I never need help from strangers for any reason because I have a feeling people would just walk on by without a thought.

If someone needed help, would you…could you just ignore it? If a stranger needed $1.99 for an immediate need for an inhaler, would you help, or walk away?