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2013 Navy Misawa Snow Bowl!

Today, March 1st was the inaugural Navy Misawa Snow Bowl!

The day started off feeling pretty nice…not to cold and clearly not hot since it was a Snow Bowl,lol. I went with my friend and we were going to take pictures and to represent the FRG in which we belong to.

The first game kicked off at 9:30am sharp. As soon as we got out of the car to head over to the field, a horrid wind started…It ended up sticking around the whole time too. I am glad I brought gloves, my hat and wore snow boots!

As you can see from the first picture I posted…some people came under dressed for the occasion and that man had purple legs after a while. I have no idea what possessed him to wear man panties to play football…and those socks just added to the amusement.

It was hard to follow all the teams and scores even with the announcer, guess I should have taken a pen and paper along too but I did not. I alone took over 400 pictures of this event! My friend took as much, if not more!

There was a lot of laughing & freezing going on. Apparently there was also a bloody injury too that we missed somehow, so no photos of that.

The other two pictures I posted were of my husbands Command’s CPO’s & PO2’s that played in todays games!

In the end it was a ton of fun! (Not Pictured)  The winners being Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC)! They defeated Navy Munitions Command East Asia Division Unit Misawa in overtime, 13-7!


Oirase Brewery Trip

Hello Out There!!

I am sorry I have started the year out pretty flat with blogging! Life is and has been pretty slow here. Very slow paced and not much going on. It’s the dead of winter..which I love! I am enjoying the feet upon feet of snow that keeps falling, it makes me happy and reminds me that all too soon it will be summer and I will be miserable!

For right now though I am content and happy to watch the snowfall at all hours of the day and night. My pups love it and makes it easy to take them potty! They would rather be out in the snow then rain,haha!

This weekend we went on the Oirase Brewery Trip. There were several people leaving the Command and a new guy coming in, so we celebrated it. Daniel has been to the Brewery before, for me it was my first time.

It is about a 45 minute bus ride there, all the snow and lack of plowing out side the gate is why really,lol. It was a lot of fun though, we were going with friends! It was a much needed time out but sadly Daniel had to work all weekend, so drinking was not for him. I only drank a little myself at the Brewery.

I found that I enjoyed the company of friends rather than the food at the Brewery. I much prefer going to Vikings. It is in the same style of prepared and eating/cooking your own food but Vikings seems to have much better quality of food.

Like I said, it was more about the company for me than the food. I tried several beers, the dark tasted best to me. I also had some Orange flavored Korean Rice Wine…that stuff can be deadly folks! Since Daniel could not really drink, I did not as well.

So you get there, cook your own meats & veggies while you drink and eat and talk…all you can for 90 minutes! It is Y3500 per person. In USD that is around $37.19. It is well worth it, especially if you are drinking! The meats they had were pork, beef, chicken & lamb.

After your time is up, you hop back on the bus and it takes you back to base. Very simple. On the way back it had started snowing again and we were all over the road,lol. So, if you come to Japan, Misawa especially I highly recommend you taking the Brewery Trip! It is located in Towada-shi. You can set the trip up through ITT here on base!

I also purchased 2 of the beer glasses from the Brewery as a memento! It cost me close to $13.00 for 2 of them.


Sledding At The Lodge, Misawa Japan

On the North side of the base there is an old ski lodge. Back in the day it had a rope pulley system and people would ski down it. Now it is used for sledding, skiing & snowboarding or for whatever you want really.

We had talked about going sledding last year. I had to buy us sleds and stuff online since the sleds they have here are for kids only, too small. By the time we got everything, it was late in the season and instead we took many snowy walks last winter.

This past weekend we got a really nice snowfall, actually since Christmas day we’ve been getting some good snow. They have decided to “use” that ski lodge too this year and they are offering us free coffee and hot chocolate on the weekends as well as a service to order food from the Lakeview Grille and have it delivered.

It was actually a very cold, sunny, blue sky kind of day when we went but it had snowed and snowed the days before so it was actually a perfect day for it!

When we arrived there were several cars there but the people must have either been taking a snow hike or in the lodge as there were only like 2 people attempting to sled.

It is a very nice, long hill. Perfect for sledding. Daniel went first. Our round sleds that had to be blown up did not fully flatten out and kind of made us “carve” new earth on the way down, which meant faces full of fresh snow.

Next it was my turn. I was excited about going down, not so excited about having to climb back up to the top but seeing it’s the only way back up, you do it anyways,lol.

I went fast and very far down that hill. I also got covered completely in snow. I mean, I could not even see my face was filled with snow. When I cleared my eyes Daniel was laughing. I actually looked like a snowman,haha! Let’s just say it got cold, real quick for us.

That hill is murder going back up but awesome exercise too! Each time we went down, the same thing happened and it was amusing, really! It was a blast, much needed time together doing something fun!

Here are some pictures from our day sledding!


2012 Navy Ball, Misawa Japan

In the 11 years we’ve been married and in the military we’ve never gone to a Navy Ball. Honestly, when it comes around we always seem to think about it last minute and then of course I never have a dress and the list goes on…

We talked about finally going this year and there was a dress “shop” run by an American off base…Okay, not really a dress shop but his wife sold dresses to us that she purchased. So, I knew I’d be able to get one for the event.

In September while getting my hair done, my hair dresser told me she had a dress for me to try on, tried it on, looked wonderful and it was mine. Now I had my dress and no more worries.

I wore my shawl all night with my dress because a week before or maybe it had been 2 weeks before I got a nasty bruise on my arm and well it was still very ugly. The shawl fixed that problem.

I did not know what to expect about the Ball, there is not much information out there about it. Now that I’ve gone and experienced it, it really is not a big deal even though it is made out to be. I mean, it is a celebration of the birth of the Navy but aside from that it is a bunch of long, drawn out speeches by people who’s names I don’t even remember.

We had fun. There was dancing, a DJ. The food was delicious as I expected as I love the the steak from our on base so called steak-house. We did dance to a few songs, had a few drinks, was there for many hours, then called it a night.

Would I go again? Sure, but the next time I will not stress out about silly little things some woman seem to make a huge deal about. It was a party, it should be fun, that is all :)



Welcoming Fall

I believe Fall has finally arrived, it sure decided to take it’s sweet time arriving to Japan, but our late spring I am sure had something to do with it!

The temps broke about a week ago or so but the summer went out with a bang, closing schools for 2 partial days, you know it is bad when they have to close the school down.

It was like night and day. I tell people, there is nothing gradual about it. One day it’s hot, the very next it is not. It was too hot to sleep in our bedroom so since mid July we had been camped out in our living room with 6 fans on us.

We are now enjoy temps in the mid 70’s and it is our rainy season too. Actually tomorrow, Monday we are awaiting the arrival of a super typhoon. Wind & rain and cool weather and odd are pretty high for some flooding and high probability of electricity going out but really, it is no big deal.

Last weekend, Sunday actually was a rough day for me. I had been working on a big meal, also making homemade dinner rolls and it was about 1 hour till dinner time. I need to quckly brown and crumble some meat for our pasta sauce.

I normally would grab the lid to the pot to steam cook it faster and well, I cut corners and instead of walking a few feet, I grabbed a dinner plate from the cupboard right next to the stove.

I’ve done this a bajillion times without issue. I walked away from the stove for about 1.5 minutes to respond to a message. I am guessing it was the way I grabbed the dang plate but in the end I got the worst burn, steam burn of my life…

I cried. A lot. It was incredibly painful. I knew it was not just a little burn and requested a trip to the ER. I was afraid we’d be there for hours before being seen. Thankfully it was fast and they gave me an ice pack which gave me instant relief from *most* of the pain.

They believed it would be okay and I’d just have to stick it out which meant suffering. My hand was pretty much useless for the past week, but I made do. The 1st night was hell, the pain was like I’ve never felt before but it has gotten better day by day. I’m in the healing stage which is no fun either, itchy. Will be happy when it is full healed.

In other news, the Navy Ball is on the 5th of October. I have a beautiful gown to wear and a shawl. Oh, did I mention this past week I also had a accident at the Post Office, yeah, it was pouring rain and I had a box I needed to get out that day, well as I was running from the car to the PO, I kind of hit the door with my box and the sharp corner of the box smashed into my arm. I now have a nasty, ugly bruise…Yeah, I was reminded of this because I have a shawl, which can cover it up if it does not go away before the ball,lol.

Also going on next weekend is the Takko Beef & Garlic Festival. We went last year, it was great. This year we are driving up in our own car instead of taking the bus with a group from base. So I shall have more to post about this coming month. Can you believe that it is going to be October…tomorrow?!?

I hope you all are enjoying the fall wherever you may be! Are you Baking? Crafting? Reading?


2012 USO Japan Service Salute

From USO Japan, the Service Salute recognizes select service members from the U.S. and Japan for their outstanding professionalism, leadership, and service to their respective countries. The event is also the organization’s premier fundraising event, which supports uniquely-tailored programs and services designed to meet the needs of the troops and their families forward deployed troops in Japan.

Daniel was one of the 14 service members selected out of Japan to recive this award on September 08, 2012 at The New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

It was a very quick trip to Tokyo for us on Saturday morning, also on the trip with us was AOC Bailey, whom you will see in several pictures as well.

We took the Shinkansen and boy was that a wonderful experience! I will NEVER take a bus to Tokyo ever again if I can help it. It is pretty expensive but well worth the time saver it is. By bus it can take from 9-11 hours, on the Shinkansen…3 hours.

It was in the 90’s in Tokyo, not to far off from the temps we were having in Misawa. As soon as we got to the hotel, it was non stop! Daniel & I had a cocktail hour we attended before the gala started.

It was a nice salute to our service members here in Japan. I am so proud of Daniel and all that he has accomplished and done, especially since we’ve been here in Japan.

There were several speakers, then dinner was served and then there was some rather interesting entertainment I guess you could say. Let’s just say I was not thrilled with it but it was kind of funny. It was “The Rat Pack” and special guest, “Marilyn Monroe”. 

After the awards were given out the gala ended and we headed over to the bar inside The New Sanno and had several drinks before heading off to bed because in the morning it was straight back to Misawa! like I said, very quick trip..about 24 hours if that.

Notice The Gold Flecks On The Chocolate Heart, It Was Yummy!

Daniel With His Chief AOC Bailey


Lights On The Lake 2012

This past Saturday we got to celebrate Labor Day with fireworks! We’ve been wanting to see fireworks since we moved here almost 1.5 years ago but they have been cancelled several times, mostly due to weather and the reasons they gave for none on the 4th of July were ridiculous.

There was no parking at base beach, the lake where we’d be seeing them, so they put out a shuttle bus service to take us there and back. We boarded our bus at 6:30pm, they were not set to go off till 7pm, so plenty of time to get there, find a spot and settle in.

As out bus was making it’s way to the North Side, we started driving strange, the bus kept jerking and something did not feel right to me but I shrugged it off. Then we start smelling something, next you know people in the back of the buss say they see smoke.

Our bus driver was a Japanese national and did not communicate anything with us. He pulled us over, got out and looked around the bus and proceeded to move ahead. Then there was more noise and then the bus stopped, lights and AC went out and people got worried and upset.

We were in the middle of being to far from our cars and not close enough to the beach, so walking was out. Finally a woman on the bus got really alarmed and told everyone she was getting off the bus with her child because now there was smoke in the back of the bus.

Everyone got off the bus. The men walked around looking and it seemed we snapped and axle or something and it all looked strange and the bus was leaking some sort of fluid.

Security forces drove by several times and not once did they bother to check us, to see if we were okay or if we needed help. Very odd and upsetting. Eventually another bus came by, an American and he asked us what was going on. I guess the bus driver did not make a call for help…..

So, we did end up getting to the beach with a few short minutes to spare before the first firework went off. It was beautiful, relaxing and a very enjoyable time with my love, even with the nasty heat! After that we headed to the bowling alley and bowled 3 great games! It was a fun night.


2012 Navy Boat Regatta

Friday, the 17th of August was this years Boat Regatta on the lake here on base! After attending last years, I’ve been looking forward to this one.

The weather while still hotish and muggy, was not sunny like last years. In fact it sprinkled, drizzled but was not to bad. I brought my umbrella just in case to protect my camera.

The turnout this year was HUGE if you compare it to last year, many people came out to enjoy it. There were 12 boats competing. Things were done a little differently this year, as far as the “rules”.

2 boats would race each other at a time, starting on the shore and race back to the others side of the beach. Then it got a little crazy, something with throwing water balloons at the group as they tried to get their flag to a certain spot on the beach to claim victory & something about if they got hit with a water balloon they all would have to run back to the water and get a bucket of it poured over their heads. Interesting stuff folks.

It was a ton of fun & I am looking forward to next years regatta! I took nearly 500 shots during the races and wish I could share them all on here but that is impossible! So here are a handful I took of each race!


In The End, They Lost The Race!

In The End, They Won The Race!


Summer In Misawa

It is now what I would say is “officially” summer here in Misawa. When the temps reach the 90’s two days in a row and you want it to be over ASAP! If you remember last summer, it was MISERABLE here. I can only say, it is like living in Florida but without AC to cool you off.

Thankfully these nasty temps above 80 should only last a few weeks and then thankfully summer will be gone :) Can you tell I am longing for fall & winter??? I am dreaming of seeing that first snowflake of the season!

Last year I did not want to do anything in this heat and I imagine I will feel the same way over the next few weeks. The key is to not let it stop you though, you just have to keep in mind, you will NOT be smexy anywhere you go at any time. Maybe for a few minutes, then you will melt.

I’d love to go camping, I think you would swelter to death though in a tent. What do you think?? My favorite kind of camping is beach camping and have not done it in forever. A friend of mine is talking about it and of course it would be fun.

Swimming in the lakes/rivers/streams/oceans are not going to be happening for us. We decided before we moved here that it is just not something we are interested in. If you are curious why, shoot me an email by going to Contact Me and I will mail you back :) There is an indoor pool here on base but to many people use it and did I already mention it is indoors, no AC…yeah…no.

Sorry, so many negative things but really this country is beautiful no matter what time of the year, each season has it’s wonderful points and summer is the only time I really have negative things to say, but that’s just me, my body and what I like, don’t like.

Yesterday we went bowling. It was closed all last summer when we first got here, so we had no idea it has AC. Yeah, we might be living in there for the rest of the summer! While it was still warmish it was much cooler than our home or outside! We had fun! Bowled 3 games and I played the best I’ve had in a long time!

It is hard to believe that July is half over already! The time is just flowing by! This is good though. There might be a lot going on for us soon, keep tuned in and I’ll let you know as things happen!

How is your summer going??


American Day 2012 アメリカンデー2012

American Day 2012 has come & now gone! What a busy, hectic weekend it was for us. It was a long but short weekend all at the same time. We were committed to making 300+ Maine Whoopie Pies for one of the American booths, Maine to sell to the Japanese, as well as any Americans. It was a big job.

It took us 12+ hours of non stop baking & filling to get all the whoopee pies done in one day. We also were able to pack our fridge with all of them. Of course that meant pretty much clearing the whole fridge out but it was worth it. By the end of Saturday night, we were so sore and worn out. Sunday morning came fast.

Daniel was up way early to drop off all the goodies and to help set up an run his booth after he worked the Maine booth for a while. His 2nd booth was Alabama. I was to show up a little later. I tried to squeeze in an hour more of sleep and I was going to get to the parade. Sadly, there was nowhere to park and I ran late getting there and missed the parade. From what I could tell it was the same as last year, so I really was not that bummed.

I was thrilled it was kind of an overcast day, meant it was nice and cool, so I enjoyed the day more and walking around. All of our whoopee pies were sold out before 2pm!!! They were a huge success, which could mean there will be lot’s more of my whoopee pies at other base events this year, we shall see. I am happy the Japanese really enjoyed them, as they are picky when it comes to cakes & frostings.

Daniel worked his booth till around 1pm. Then we took off around the town to look at all the yummy American & Japanese food vendors. Daniel chose a Japanese Sasebo burger. He tried one from a Japanese vendor last year and he was less than thrilled with it and he was determined to find a different vendor and give it another go. Luckily we found another vendor and Daniel like it this time. You will see a picture of him eating it!

I was walking along and saw a Japanese man making his version of a cake bite and it smelled delicious, so I bought a small bag of them for 300 Yen. We continued walking around, smelling all the goodness and really realizing just how exhausted our bodies were from the whole weekend. We decided on one last stop to an Indian place next to the base gate so he could get some curry & I could get some Naan bread to take home.

It really ended up being a great, full weekend and I really did enjoy American Day this year and got to experience it more this year than last. I am looking forward to next year and have a few ideas to throw around and we shall see where that might go too! 

Her Glasses Say "F$*K Cops.

Alabama, Daniel's Booth.

Maine Booth, My Whoopie Pies!

My Whoopie Pies!

Hard To Read, Talks About What A Whoopie Pie Is.